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Review : Capstar for Dogs

Description :

Capstar for dogs are orally administered tablets for fast acting treatment against flea infestations. It starts action within 30 minutes of administration and kills 100% fleas within 7 hours. A single dose of Capstar protects canines from irritating adult fleas and flea infested diseases. It is highly safe and does not cause any odor or irritation.


Capstar is a rapid acting flea treatment that can be given with or without food. It is safe to administer any day when fleas are visible on the canine’s body. Directly give it into the dog’s mouth or mix it with food. One treatment per day is enough to protect your dog against flea infestations.

These yellow colored, round and biconvex tablets make your dog flea free within hours. The key ingredient nitenpyram is a neurotoxin that blocks the transmission of neural messages through the parasite’s central nervous system, which results in instant death. A short-term flea preventive, it gives immediate relief from flea infestations.

During the first few hours of administration, the pet might itch excessively due to flea’s reaction to Capstar. Such symptoms disappear within few hours and absolute recovery takes place within 24 hours of administration. As it is a short-term treatment for rapid flea killing, follow up with any long-term flea treatment to prevent re-infestations of any kind.

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Top Reviews

Immediate relief from fleas

I am using this Capstar product since 6 months. As I started giving this product, it immediately gave relief to my furry pal from irritating fleas. I and My doggy are content with this product.

The best flea preventive treatment!!

I have never come across any oral treatment that is as amazing as this product. It works really quickly and the results are there to be seen. I would never buy any other flea preventive treatment except Capstar for my pooch.

The best treatment ever!!

It is one of the best flea preventive treatments for pooches and it is amazing to see quick results on my furry friend!!

Michelle N.
The best short term flea treatment

It is the best possible short term flea relieving treatment available in the market. In the warmer months I use revolution for long term and Capstar for providing instant relief to my furry friend.

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