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Preventives and Treatments for Fleas Found On Dogs and Cats

Fleas are an ever-cropping problem for the pet parents. These creatures not only bother their pets but also occupy every part of their home. By hiding in the yards, carpets, curtains, pet beddings, craters and gardens, these pesky parasites become prepared to hop on the pet’s body at anytime. On getting a chance they just… Read More »

All You Want To Know About Heartworms in Dogs

Heartworms are certainly the most dreadful parasites affecting animals. Pet parents need to deal with these worms and combat its infection and diseases. It becomes easy to deal with parasites when you have absolute knowledge about them. Let us glance through the details of heartworms, its prevention and cure. Heartworms, scientifically called Dirofilaria immitis are… Read More »

Signs and Symptoms That Your Dog Has Heartworms

Worried about what’s bothering your four-legged companion. Recently, if you have scored that your pet is coughing constantly, or showing spells of fainting, immediately talk to your vet. There are certain dog diseases that have common symptoms. Heartworm is one of them. Heartworm is the most dangerous disease that canines face. The terrible microorganism called… Read More »