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Huge Savings On Halloween- Prices Slashed By 15% On All Pet Supplies At BestVetCare

Halloween- All Hallows’ Eve or All Saint’s Eve is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31st of October. This day is dedicated to the remembrance of the dead, including saints and martyrs. Though, the current festivities of Halloween includes some exciting things like trick or treating, costume parties, ghostly decoration, pumpkin pies, horror movies, visiting haunted attractions, and much more.


BestVetCare, a popular online pet supplies store has a great offer to add more excitement for pet owners on this Halloween. Huge savings are on its way on even the smallest purchase of a single pet product from BestVetCare. Yes! Price on each and every product will be slashed by 15% on account of Halloween Super Sale! If you are new to our site, here is a little preview of our services!

Best Vet Care- A brief teaser!

BestVetCare has become one of the pioneer pet supply stores in a short span of time. It has been just a year and BestVetCare has already attained dedicated customers and a name among the top sellers. We are steadily becoming the most opted store to shop for the best brands at affordable rates.

You can shop for different categories like flea and tick, heart wormers, wormers, joint care, teeth care, wound care, and eye & ear care for both, cats and dogs. We also have the top most brands of vitamin and mineral supplements for pets at huge discounts. Parents of avian pets may also find a large range for several health conditions in racing pigeons and other birds.

If you miss Halloween Sale then…

  • You may lose an opportunity to find out the positives of our appreciated services and the big supply of pet products. With prices cut down to 15%, this could be a chance to try our store and make your first purchase with us.
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  • With zero shipping charges, you may not have to spend a penny on getting your order at the door step. Add to the cart, pay and get your supplies delivered free.
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To conclude, you can avail your favorite products like Frontline plus, Heartgard Plus, Advantage for your canines and felines at super affordable prices on this Halloween. Shop Now and Use coupon code: HALSAVE15

Classroom Pets- How Do They Benefit Kids?

Pets and kids share a lot of things including innocence, energy level, warm quick responses, observation skills, dependency on adults, long rest and food time, trust levels, and much more. In case of adults, they are the teachers and pets are the learners. However, in case of kids, it can be vice-versa.


There are a lot of things that kids could learn from the companionship of pets. The idea of having classroom pets is being adapted by many kid’s schools for the advantages that kids may have from their togetherness with pets. However, if you have second thoughts on how can children benefit with this idea, here is a list of benefits that your kids may get with classroom pets.

Classroom Pets- Yes! Kids + Pets can be a great duo!

  • Pet in a classroom can induce excitement in children, which affects their attendance in school. Kids may consider seeing their animal friends a treat, and may seldom skip school.
  • Kindness is something that cannot be taught. It is usually based on the instincts. When kids will be surrounded by pets and learn about their nurturing requirements, they will soon learn how to handle pets carefully with kindness to keep them happy.
  • When a child can sing rhymes flawlessly, there is a sense of pride in him. Similarly, taking care of pets, like feeding them, petting them, etc. fills them with pride of accomplishment. Thus, this helps in building their self-esteem.
  • If any of the pets is in pain, children may feel their pain and behave accordingly. Not disturbing their sleep when sick, not insisting them to jump around if wounded, etc. are some things kids keep in mind. Going through this, these young minds may unknowingly learn to empathize with others.
  • Pets are a big responsibility. Taking care of them sows a seed of responsibility in the companions. Thus, classroom pets make children more responsible of their duties.
  • Canines and other pets have the ability to bring out the social aspect in autistic children. Presence of classroom pets may make children talk to each other with love and nurture friendship. They might teach them to form an unconditional bond and to become a non judgmental friend.

These are just some of the many benefits of keeping pets with children in classroom. If your kid’s school hasn’t tried this, be the first to suggest and help your kids grow.

Dental Issues In Felines- Everything You Need To Know About!

Did you know that felines have a tendency to hide their pain? This may be the reason for late disease detection in cats. Though there are several illnesses that your feline may face in his life-time, but dental disease is such that are found often in kitties at a very young age. According to the Cornell University of Veterinary medicine, almost 90% of cats over the age of 5 years have some or the other dental issues. There are some primary things you should know about dental diseases to protect the cats.


Here is everything you may need to know about dental problems in felines!

How are dental problems caused?

The oral structure of cats is somewhat similar to humans. Just like us, felines have two sets of teeth, milky teeth when they are young which are later replaced by the permanent teeth.  The dental issues found in these purr queens are due to genetic reasons (some breeds are more prone to them than the others), tartar build up and formation of bacteria.

According to estimation, almost 85% of the cats aging more than six have periodontal disease. This disease is caused by enzymes and bacteria found in the hardened layers of plaque. If this disease goes unnoticed then the cat may develop gingivitis and prolonged ignorance may also raise the probability of going for the only solution which is removal of the tooth.

The study of Cornell University has estimated that nearly 50% of cats are affected by the disease called feline odontoclastic resorptive lesions (FORL). This disease is not caused by plaque, but is because of genetic defect or lower immune system. This illness causes lesions in the bone tissue. The tissue cannot repair itself and thus causes an irreparable damage to the tooth.

How will you know that your feline is having a dental issue?

As we discussed earlier, cats tend to shield their pain and may not let the pet owners know what they are going through, unlike dogs. With no signs left by felines, it leaves only one option for pet owners to find about the dental issues of the kitty, and that is being observant. Observe your kitty closely on a daily basis. If you see any change in his eating habits, consult a veterinarian. Other symptoms like foul breath, swollen gums, and pawing at mouth may leave you hints of your cat’s dental illness.

How to prevent feline dental diseases?

Well, you may feel a little bored by doing this, but it will definitely help. Brushing your cat’s teeth is the easiest and may be the only way to protect him from dental problems. Cleaning the teeth helps in removing the bacteria that are responsible for tartar build up and plaque.

There are special feline toothpastes like Dentipet that are easy to use for brushing the cat’s teeth. This toothpaste comes in several flavors as beef, chicken, biscuit and cheese. Pick one of your kitty’s favorite and make brushing his teeth a weekly routine. There are sprays and oral rinse that has the potential to maintain the dental health of felines.

In all, with proper care, observance and precautionary measures, dental diseases in felines can be fought against. Discuss your kitty’s dental health with your veterinarian at regular intervals to stay updated.

Save 15% On Your Favorite Pet Supplies – Columbus Day Special

The historic landing of Christopher Columbus in 1492 is celebrated as Columbus Day in the entire nation. The popular rediscovery of America by this explorer was done on 12th October 1942 and since then the day has been crowned with the name of Columbus. In the year of 1937, 12th October was declared as a federal holiday and from 1970, the official holiday shifted to the second Monday of October.

To add some delight to your weekend, BestVetCare, a popular pet supplies store has announced Columbus Day site wide discount of 15%. Starting from today, you can buy the most accepted products at super affordable prices for the whole week. Stock up on your favorite products for canines and felines for this fall to save big.BVC_columbusday

BestVetCare – What to expect?

BestVetCare has been selling peerless pet supplies for a year now and has become one of the most trusted online stores. The reason of being among the top sellers is our dedication to pet care and our constant endeavor to provide affordable pet caring to the parents of canines and felines.

At our online store, you can find the pioneer brands of treatments for dogs, cats and birds. We have an extensive range of products categorized into: flea and tick, heartwormers, wormers, eye and ear care, wound care, teeth and joint care. You may also find efficient supplements for vitamins and minerals on our store. This huge variety of pet care treatments are sold at discounted rates at BestVetCare, which are much lesser than the original prices.

Columbus Sale- Shop now or you could miss…

  • An opportunity to try a new product which you had put it on bay because it’s expensive. With this added advantage of saving 15%, you can finally bag that treatment for your pooch or kitty.
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  • BestVetCare’s super saving deal of offering genuine products at discounted rates, 15% on them and free shipping.

To conclude, BestVetCare is here with a great offer for all the pet owners. This discount offer is our mode of providing affordable pet care products to the maximum number of pet parents. Share the news with your friends and ask them to join us on this sale to save big. Use coupon code: CDSSAVE15 while checking out.