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Help!! My Pooch Guards Me Every Time We Are At The Dog Park…What should I Do?

Help!! My Pooch Guards Me Every Time

Does your little furry friend conduct this behavior every time you take him to the dog park? If the answer is yes; then this blog is specifically for you. We always like to take care of our four-legged friends and so to reciprocate our feelings some doggies try to protect you from unwanted threats in the dog park.

Remember, it is their chance to show that they care for you in the same way as you do. And so if you find your four-legged friend growl or bark at other dogs that approach you in the dog park please understand that it is their way to keep you safe.

It is not as if you will not be able to handle the other dogs in the dog park, but you cannot just scold your furry friend just because they are taking special care of the fact that you get adequate protection from other doggies. If you are concerned about the behavior and want to correct it, then it is best to take the help of a professional trainer who can assist your dog in resolving this behavior.

When you find your four-legged friend trying to guard you in the dog park get answers to the following questions to understand the reasons for your doggie to guard you:

  • Is he trying to do resource guarding where you are the resource? (This is considered to be one of the primary reasons for the behavior!!)
  • Is he trying to hold back excited, nervous or inappropriate energy of other dogs?
  • Is it a protective instinct from him to protect you from other dogs?
  • Is it a reaction when he sees an excited dog approaching? Does he react the same around calm dogs?
  • Is it due to lack of socializing skills on the part of your dog?
  • Is it fear of the other animal that is making them guard you?

These questions can be difficult to answer correctly and so we suggest that you take the help of an experienced professional trainer. Even a single one-on-one session with the trainer can be of great help.

Apart from the professional help; you can try these tips to curb this dog behavior:

dog guards at dog park

Conduct a session with other dogs while your dog is around

This activity should not be followed in the dog park strictly. Initially, try it at home with a couple of easygoing doggies. You can take the help of a professional trainer. The basic idea is to create a positive reinforcement in the mind of your dog so that he sees other dogs approaching you in a positive manner.

Now ask the two dogs to approach you and when they come closer give them treats. You want to create an impression in the minds of your doggie that you love when the other dogs approach you. But you need to be very patient with the training since it can be very difficult to find easygoing dogs and then to keep your furry friend quiet when they approach you.

Keep walking when approached by other dogs

If you are at a dog park and find out that other dogs are following you do not just stand still keep walking. Since; if you stand still, your doggie might think that they need to guard you and so you will get the same reaction again. The best thing to do in such a scenario is to avoid direct confrontation. Just pay no heed to the other dogs and ask your doggie to follow your path. Your pooch will definitely follow you. This will let your dog be in the following position rather than the guarding position.

Breakup the two dogs

When the tension between your dog and the other one is building; to break up the energy ask your doggie to come to you through a command like “come” and then ask the other dog to stay away with a little “Hey!” This will defuse the negative energy between the dogs and reduce the chance of a fight. Then, keeping walking in the same direction on the sideways and call your dog to follow you.

Train your dog to follow your command

Before taking your doggie in the park it is best to ensure that he follows all your commands. There are certain things that are bare minimum before taking your dog to the park:

  • The dog should remain still and quiet for 5 minutes at home until released with the command “Free” and “OK!”
  • When you command “Watch me” the dog must make eye contact while on walks
  • The dog should come back to you whenever he is called from the backyard or in the house through the “Come” command

Once these commands have been learnt by the dog it is time to take them to the dog park. So how are you planning to get rid of this behavior in your dogs today? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section and we would be glad to incorporate your ideas in our forthcoming blogs. Till then keep reading!!

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Washington Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February to celebrate the occasion of the birthday of the first president of our country. But don’t be amazed when we say that Washington’s Birthday does not fall on Washington Day. In fact, George Washington was born on 22nd February but it was changed under the Uniform Monday Act to fall on Monday (just like Memorial Day celebrated on the last Monday of May) so that people can enjoy three-day weekends and businesses can earn profits through retail discounts.

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7 Essential Cat Supplies Every Cat Owner Needs

BVC_ cat supplies

It is always a rewarding experience when you get a new kitty home. But to make things even better, it is important to have adequate cat supplies in stock before your feline friend gets home. This will ensure that your feline friend gets time to get acquainted with the supplies from the very moment he/she gets home. As a cat owner it is your responsibility to ensure that your cat is happy and healthy during their stay in your house. The things mentioned below will make the cat feel relaxed and enjoy quality time with them:

Essential Cat Supplies Every Pet Owner Needs

1. Cat Crate

If you have not got your kitty yet the best way to make them feel special is by putting them in a cat crate. The carrier that you select needs to be strong and safe for your feline friend. It should also have the scope of air to go through it. You should not opt for cardboard boxes since they cause suffocation in cats. Hence, the best way is to get plastic units with a front door. Always get a large one as it can easily accommodate the feline even when it grows to become an adult. You can even use the crate while taking your cat to veterinarian visits.

2. Cat Food

It is extremely important that you have thorough information about the previous diet of your feline as you will need to maintain the diet for a couple of weeks before changing the diet. Also note that kittens and senior cats have special diets which should not be the same as the adult cat’s food. Hence, it is very important to select the best nutritional diet for your feline based on their age and breed.

For example; during the early days of kitten hood it is essential to feed healthy amount of vitamins to kittens during their first few months of life while senior cats need light food so that they get balanced nutrition which does not make them lose the ideal weight.

3. Cat Food Bowls

Cat Food Bowls

There are different types of cat food bowls that are available in the market, but ceramic bowls are considered to be the best. They are extremely safe and earthenware. Always use heavy items with weighted bottoms so that there is no tripping. In case if you get a kitten ensure that they can get inside the bowls. Always clean the food bowl on a regular basis and ensure that they are away from the litter box. Cats are elegant and so they hate it when they see the same place to defecate and eat.

4. Automatic Litter Box

You can find lots of litter boxes in the market and the cheapest ones are not automatic. The great thing about automatic litter box is that it contains a self-cleaning unit that cleans by itself. Hence, you do not need to be present when your feline defecates. These automatic boxes ensure that you can leave the house peacefully for an entire day without worrying about cleaning the litter box.

5. Cat Bed

Cat Beds and Pads

Cats sleep anywhere and it means literary anywhere from beds to refrigerator tops to tables and shoe boxes. When you have a cat bed it will make them feel comfortable and warm making it a perfect napping spot for cats. The only criteria is that it needs to be soft and warm. Ensure that it is located at a safe and comfortable spot so that the cat can relax in a relaxed, warm place.

6. Shots And Treatment

When you get a new feline home it is important that you check their history so that in case if they have not been given shots you need to find a good veterinarian and understand from them the different shots required by your cat immediately and throughout their lifespan. You should know the regular expenses that need to be incurred on the shots and checkups so that when the cat grows older there are no surprises in store and you can plan accordingly for the future.

7. First Aid Kit For Felines

An emergency first aid kit is mandatory for cat owners. You always hope that you do not have to use the kit but in case if an accident happens then you need to be prepared by having a first aid kit by the time you call your veterinarian for emergency requirements.

first aid kit for cats

Once you get these cat supplies it will make your life and your feline’s life smooth and off to a great start. Have loads of fun with your new furry friend by making them feel special. Share with us which cat supplies did you get for your new cat? We would be glad to integrate some more points if we have missed anything in our forthcoming blogs. Till then keep reading and posting your comments below!!

Protecting your Tabby from Winter Blizzard


Winter is a special time of the year when people celebrate the festivities and enjoy a relaxed period of time. But if you are cat owner do not forget about your four-legged friend who is dependent on you for their basic needs. For them winter is not particularly a great time of the year.

It has generally been found that cats love warm, cozy things while winter is that time of the year when things are pretty cold. Hence, it can lead to stress in felines. Here, you as a cat owner need to ensure that they get a safe place to hide and stay warm. Take care that their bed is lukewarm so that they enjoy the coziness to sleep on. They also need special grooming techniques during winters.

But what happens when a winter blizzard approaches a city like the one which has hit southern and eastern United States on Friday encompassing cities like New York, Washington and Tennessee. This is the time when you need to be extra vigilant in protecting your tabby from winter blizzard.

Let us look at some of the tips that will help you in protecting your cat from this natural calamity:

  • The very first thing that you should do is to take your feline indoor. Remember, if the place is risky for the humans it also means that it is unsafe for cats
  • Ensure that your tabby is micro chipped properly so that in case if they escape, they can be returned back to you
  • Get all the necessary cat supplies including emergency needs at the earliest. Do not wait till the last minute to procure the products
  • Have a collar attached with a GPS or a radio tracker so that you get to know about the whereabouts of your pet during the blizzard
  • Have ample of cat supplies stock on hand so that they do not have to move inside for things like water, food and litter during the blizzard
  • Have medicines in stock with an emergency bag under your purview so that you can provide treatment in case your feline gets sick
  • Having lukewarm bedding for your tabby (as mentioned earlier in the blog) is a great option to keep your feline friend cozy and relaxed during blizzard
  • If you have a feral cat that cannot come inside provide them a safe place like a garage or a barn where they can be protected from the strong winds and the cold weather that accompanies with the blizzard
  • If you have a heater ensure that your four-legged friend doesn’t bang into it and start a fire
  • In case if the electricity runs out during blizzard have a generator which keeps the electricity running. If you do not have a generator it is good to have a fireplace and lots of extra logs to keep the pet warm

Once you follow these tips it will assist you in keeping your feline friend free from any troubles during the ongoing winter blizzard. If you would like to share any personal experience that you have encountered with your pet during the blizzard please post your comments below and we would include it in our forthcoming blogs.