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Help!! My Pooch Guards Me Every Time We Are At The Dog Park…What should I Do?

Does your little furry friend conduct this behavior every time you take him to the dog park? If the answer is yes; then this blog is specifically for you. We always like to take care of our four-legged friends and so to reciprocate our feelings some doggies try to protect you from unwanted threats in… Read More »

Kill the Trade Deal by Getting Huge Discounts on your Favorite Pet Supplies @ BestVetCare

Washington Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February to celebrate the occasion of the birthday of the first president of our country. But don’t be amazed when we say that Washington’s Birthday does not fall on Washington Day. In fact, George Washington was born on 22nd February but it was changed under the… Read More »

Protecting your Tabby from Winter Blizzard

Winter is a special time of the year when people celebrate the festivities and enjoy a relaxed period of time. But if you are a cat owner do not forget about your four-legged friend who is dependent on you for their basic needs. For the winter is not a particularly great time of the year.… Read More »