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Enjoy Memorial Day With Your Pets By Joining “Sell” With 12% Discount

Memorial Day is the perfect excuse for you to enjoy the extended weekend and when you are barbecuing it adds to the total attraction. But what about your furry pal? Remember, the food and the drink that you serve to your guests can be poisonous to your pet. So always keep your pet away from all forms of alcoholic beverages. Also ensure that the guests do not give table scraps or things like raisins, grapes, onions, chocolate and avocado as it can be very toxic to your pet’s health.

memorial day celebration

Ensure that your pet is not left unsupervised near the pool or lake. He should be properly micro-chipped with ID card so that in case he gets lost your contact information is always there on his collar. Remember, this Memorial Day is your opportunity to show your pet how much he means to you and that includes keeping a stock of his treatments encompassing fleas & tick treatments, heartwormers, wormers, wound care amongst others before the commencement of this festive occasion.

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Specialty Of BestVetCare

BestVetCare is one of the distinguished online pet stores in USA. The policy of the shopping destination is to provide cost-effective, highly genuine and branded pet products. The great thing about this store is that irrespective of whether you own a dog, cat, or bird it has everything that you will ever need for your pet. The products have been divided into different categories like eye & ear, flea & tick, heartwormers, joint care, teeth, wormers and wound-care.  It is very easy to select your desired products and what is more the checkout process at the store is amazingly streamlined that makes it easy to shop even for novice internet users.

What Makes Memorial Day “Sell” a-bration A Major Attraction For Pet Owners?

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Get  12% discount additional discount on top of the already curtailed prices at BestVetCare. This is a win-win situation for all the pet owners.

Through the Memorial Day sale, BestVetCare wants to create an awareness amongst pet owners in our country about the high quality and competitive prices that the online store offers. Start purchasing pet care supplies today from the ultimate online shopping destination by using the coupon code “BVC12MS” and keep your furry pals happy and healthy.

Dog Breeds That Have Been Tailor-made For Adventures: A Rock Climber’s Guide To Selecting The Best Furry Pals For Risky Ventures

Rock climbers are renowned to risks their lives for adventures and the more we hear about their stories the more we get to know about their great risk taking skills. But climbing the rocks without a companion can be very difficult and so you will find rock climbers fancying themselves with a dog when they hit the crags. They enjoy seeing their furry pal get enthralled by the adventurous ride.

Best Adventure Dog Breeds

As a rock climber you are looking for a perfect companion that would accompany you to embark on a great adventure hitting the right note. This write-up discusses about different dog breeds that are best for rock climbers. So put on your safety harness and embark on the journey of discovering the dog breeds that can become your potential companions in the long and hard trailing paths:

Dog Breeds To Bring On Your Adventures

Australian Shepherd

These dog breeds are unquestionably the most outdoor ones that you will ever find but the surprising thing is that they are also good companions during a thrill ride. They are also ready for adventure and do not fear from hilly areas or rocky mountains. They are also quite good at climbing. Due to their nimbleness and agileness they are considered to be one of the best dog breeds for rock climbers.

The good part is that due to their friendly nature, they easily mingle with other rock climbers which assists in breaking the ice between you and other climbers. Unquestionably, you do not want to miss out on these furry pals during your adventurous trip, do you?

Bernese Mountain Dog

These dogs are very friendly and they have been bred specially for mountains so undoubtedly they should adapt well on rocky terrain. They enjoy being outdoors but do not have high endurance power. So let them hike the crag while you embark on your climbing journey.

Jack Russell Terrier

These dogs are quite tenacious and can cling on to rocks as if their entire life depends on it. Look we don’t actually propagate you to scale them on a cliff but honestly wouldn’t it be cute to see them tackle a boulder or two?

Labrador Retriever

These dogs are most friendliest amongst other dog breeds. They are not territorial or protective so you can easily do your activities while they lie around and mind their business. These furry pals do not chase small animals in the wild which makes it easier for you to concentrate on your rock climbing activity rather than taking care of these pooches.

Belgian Malinois

Although these dogs are energetic they are not as nimbly. Due to their high energy levels they can last longer than you on rocky trails. You will have a competition to deal with when you take them along as they are on their feet all the time. If you train them properly they can become highly confident, social butterflies that will keep you entertained on the rocky trails.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

These dogs can climb trees and so you can safely presume that they will be natural climbers on bark and other slim holds. You might even suit themselves to becoming a rock climber themselves. Wouldn’t it be cute to see your furry pal climbing the rocky terrains with you without a glitch?

Conclusion : Best Adventure Dog Breeds

So, which dog breed are you planning to get? Post your comments below and also let share your experience, (if any) of rock climbing with these dog breeds and we would be glad to integrate your personal experience in the form of a blog and give you due credit for it. Till then subscribe to our blogs and keep yourself updated about the latest happenings in the pet world. Sayonara!!

Why Do Dogs Stick Their Heads Out Of Car Windows?

When you see a doggie peeping his head out of the car window the very first thought that crosses your mind is the longingness for the carefree attitude of the tyke. You see his long hair blowing in the breeze along with the rush of air in the face and wonder how great he is feeling enjoying the car ride. That is exactly what the doggie is thinking when he peeps his head out of the car window.

Dog's On Joyrides with Head Out of The Car Window

Dog’s Head Out the Car Window

So, why do dogs conduct this behavior? One possible reason is that they enjoy the cold breeze on their face, but that is not the only reason. Just like kids, dogs are enthusiastic during car travels as they find it new and fun. When you take them on a car ride they feel excited to go with you (their favorite person) and the additional motivation is that they will get the chance to stick their head out of the car window which is a sort of icing on the cake for them.

When your pooch puts his head out of the car window, he is probably enjoying the joyride more than you can ever imagine. Let us look at some of the motivational factors that drive dogs to peep their heads out of the car window:

To Look At The Scenic Beauty In the World Around

Imagine you have been conditioned to spend most of your time indoors and do not move outside often and then suddenly the floodgates open and you are given a chance to explore the scenic beauty in the world around. How will you feel? Amazing, isn’t it? The same way doggies spend most of their time indoors and so when you take them on a car ride regardless of the destination the level of excitement of seeing new things is very high in our canine companions.

It is the same level of excitement we get when visiting a carnival. Remember, dogs find the smell and sounds around very stimulating and when the atmosphere is so exciting and memorable isn’t it fair to give them a benefit of doubt to peep their heads out of the car window?

Enjoying The Smells

Dogs are great sniffers and so obviously they will get excited when they feel different odors with their awesome nose. They have amazing ability to keep their odor detection and pheromone molecule analysis distinct. Their vomeronasal organ has its own set of nerves dedicated to the dog’s brain to interpret the pheromone signals. So just imagine the extent of information processed by dogs when they peep their head out of the car window. More the car speed the more dogs can pick from the outside world.

But allowing your pooch to peep his head out of the car window can also lead to hidden dangers.

  • Susceptibility of getting hit by rocks or dust due to car speed. If any of the debris hit your pooch in the eye it can cause fatal injury

  • Development of ear infections as a result of wind particles or wind directly blowing in his ears

  • The constant flipping of dog ears can result in swelling in ear flaps and repeated trauma can cause scar tissue to form inside the soft tissue of the ears. This trauma can cause permanent damage and leave the dog with lifelong ear problems. So, you shall take care of your dog’s eyes and ears with extra care and authentic treatment.

  • If your dog sees another dog or squirrel on the road, he would attempt to jump out of the car window resulting in serious injuries. Hence, it is recommended to never roll the car window all the way down or restrain your buddy by crating him when driving at the car speed of more than 25 mph.

So, the next time you take your pooch in the car will you allow him to peep his head out of the car window? Please post your answers in the comments section. Till then, keep reading our blogs!!

Common Causes For The Irritation Caused By Itching In Dogs

Every doggie has a habit of itching and scratching, but when you find that your furry friend is itching a lot more than usual it is time to find out the exact cause of the problem and then a possible way to treat it. It is quite difficult to define excessive itching because each and every dog itches accordingly, but given that you own the dog since a long time you would be aware of any abnormality.

Why Is My Dog Itching & Scratching ?

If you find that he is scooting his butt across the floor all the time, licking his genitals excessively or is losing patches of fur then it is a cause for concern. Even a bad mosquito bite or poison ivy can make skin issues worse.

Why Is My Dog Itching & Scratching ?

It is generally observed that the general cause of itching in dogs is parasitic, environmental and nutritional i.e.; food allergies. But it is not easy to diagnose a dog because there are lots of irritants and causes that can cause dogs to itch.

Common Causes Of Itching In Dogs

  • Allergies (food, seasonal, and environmental)
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Fleas (can cause allergies in dogs)
  • Hot spots
  • Mange
  • Ringworm
  • Sensitivity of grooming products
  • Skin infections
  • Stress or hormonal changes

It is easier to spot fleas in house, but the other causes can be very difficult to detect. All the common causes mentioned above can cause itching in dogs and so it is quite difficult to provide a home remedy. Many of the skin problems in dogs look alike hence; it is quite challenging to find the right diagnosis for it.

Hence, it is not possible to rule out all the possibilities so it is advised to take your doggie to the veterinarian. He/she will conduct fungal cultures, allergy tests, bacterial cultures, skin biopsies, blood work, and skin scrapings and then rule out every option one by one and then come down to the exact cause of itching in your pooch.

Relief for Your Dog’s Itchy Skin

Once the cause has been found, it will be easier to give the correct dog treatment and relieve your tyke from the irritation caused by excessive irritation.