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Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Pets

There are many people who don’t involve their pet in the New Year’s Eve, thinking they don’t enjoy just as we do. But that’s not true, Here you can take a look at these simple and attracting ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with pets, to ensure that they have a fun time as well.… Read More »

6 Dog Friendly Restaurants To Visit In Sacramento, California This Boxing Day

Sacramento is one of the most marvellous cities in the country for dogs. On the occasion of Boxing Day we urge you to take these furry pals to certain restaurants that will make this day even more special for them. This city has the atmosphere that will enrich the experience of your dog and make… Read More »

5 Valuable Christmas Gifts For Your Furry Pals

Christmas is a very special time of the year when we all love to receive gifts and give them too. It is not just the friends and family that receive gifts from us but even our pets. These furry companions wake you up every morning and greets you every night when you walk in the… Read More »

Mystery Of Dog Behavioral Genetics : The Question About Nurture vs. Nature

Lots of research has been conducted by animal behavior analysts to study the behavior of dogs. But the one burning question that has always made the study even more intriguing is the question: Whether a dog’s behavior can be learned or is it mostly due to the genetic traits? According to a reputed professional animal… Read More »

6 Misconceptions About Heartworm Disease In Cats

If you ever thought that dogs are the only animals that get affected by heartworm disease you are in for a big surprise. Although dogs are more prone to this life-threatening disease, the kitties are not far left behind. In fact, it has been researched and found that the chances of a cat getting a… Read More »