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Is It Safe To Use Dog Revolution Dosage On Cat?

Aside from being warm weather parasites, fleas, ticks and heartworm are dangerous and gross to pets. They pose some health risks. So, it is very important to maintain regular prevention that is safe and effective in protecting your pet from these parasites. And, that could be possible with a simple spot-on treatment like Revolution. Containing… Read More »

4 Top Most Joint Treatments for Pets

Arthritis a quite common word that have been heard every now and then not just for humans but for pets as well. Yes, pets also have joints that suffer from pain and degenerative joint diseases, cartilage troubles and over exertion of the tissues. The reasons every pet parent must be well aware of and many… Read More »

Got Fleas On Your Kitty? Safe Solutions To Keep Fleas At Bay

Nothing is worse than discovering pesky fleas on your beloved cat. There is a myth that grubby and unhygienic skin and coat attract these critters. But, the truth is that any animal with a furry coat can be a home of parasites once in a while. And once a pet enters the home with fleas,… Read More »