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Is It Safe To Use Dog Revolution Dosage On Cat?

Revolution Treatment for Cats

Aside from being warm weather parasites, fleas, ticks and heartworm are dangerous and gross to pets. They pose some health risks. So, it is very important to maintain regular prevention that is safe and effective in protecting your pet from these parasites.

And, that could be possible with a simple spot-on treatment like Revolution.

Containing a super ingredient selamectin, the Revolution is formulated for dog and cat to get rid of heartworm and prevent parasites like fleas and tick, too. So, to get complete peace of mind – this all-in-one treatment is best way for all pet owners. Manufactured by Bayer, Revolution is topical solution that administrated topically and absorbed into the bloodstream to treat nasty parasites.

Key Benefits of Revolution:

  • Quick, effective and easy to administer
  • Water-resistant solution
  • Kill adult fleas, ticks, ear mites
  • Prevent sarcoptic mange
  • Prevent heartworm infections
  • Provide a month long protection

Revolution Usage for Dogs and Cats:

If you are unfortunate to live in an area in parasites prone area, you have to get an early start by applying Revolution. A single dosage Revolution tube is applied on skin of your cat or dog’s neck in front of the shoulder blades every month. Its water resistance contents when placed on skin, it absorbs into the pet’s bloodstream and starts to work against parasites. It is safe to use above six month older puppies and kitten as well as pregnant and lactating females.

Once it dried, you can let your pet to go about his usual activities whether it is playing in the rain or swimming. With it, you can protect your dog for a month. So, when the next month is up, you need a new dose to apply. And as reminder, you can mark the date of dose every month on calendar.

Difference Between Revolution for Cats and Dogs

Difference Between Revolution for Cats and Dogs:

Yes! Difference!! The difference between revolution for dog and revolution for cat will answer the question of: Is it safe to use Revolution for dogs on cat? The answer is so simple – you should only use Revolution on the pet that they are designed for, even though both versions contain the same active ingredient. This is because the main difference is the concentration of the selamectin varies. For example – large pet need a higher concentration, while puppy or kitten require a lesser concentration. So, according to weight and types of pet, the revolution products are available. In fact, there are different color packages and clear label of weight categories. Hence, there is no any chance to bring any wrong product. It is advised that you should always use appropriate product to avoid possible problems.

The overdose on your pet could cause health issues, while missing or lower dose will not provide complete protection. And if it used on other species can develop some side effects or discomfort. So, it is essential to read label thoroughly and give appropriate dosage in accordance with your pet’s body weight and type.

Hope this information may have cleared your confusion about Revolution for dogs and Revolution for cats; and be helpful to choose safe and effective preventative easily.

4 Top Most Joint Treatments for Pets

Joint Treatments for Pets

Arthritis a quite common word that have been heard every now and then not just for humans but for pets as well. Yes, pets also have joints that suffer from pain and degenerative joint diseases, cartilage troubles and over exertion of the tissues. The reasons every pet parent must be well aware of and many might have went through the troubles already. But the most important point is to chose the right treatment and prevent or treat the pain that your pet suffer from. There are various cures and remedies available in the market as soon as you look for them but you won’t know the best and the trusted one. Many a times, problems occur when the pet is being treated with the wrong treatment.

Here are a few best, trusted and effective medications that will resolve all the joint issue s in the pets.

Effective Pet Joint Care Treatment

Treating Your Dog's Arthritis

1. Arthrimed Powder for Pets: The powdery treatment is one of the most popular and an amazing joint supplement. The pets savour the taste and it is useful as an aid to the health of both cats and dogs. It maintains the joint health, strengthen the tendons and reduce the joint ache. It is an overall effective treatment for the pet’s fitness.

2. Arthrimed Tablets for Pets: The oral treatment ensures to keep joints healthy and fit. It reduces the pain and stiffness in the joints. Apart from being a tasty tablet that can be easily administered to the pets, it is also an affordable treatment that in within the reach of all the pet-parents. Made with a blend of the most effective ingredients, Arthrimed tablets are totally recommended by all.

3. Joint Guard for Dogs: Joint Guard is a trusted and a scientifically proven excellent treatment for joint troubles in dogs. It solves the issues of arthritis, any wound or injury or wear and tear of the tissues. It is an amazing powder supplement that aids the aches and is efficient for aged, injured or overactive dogs. If you start administering this powder at a young age to a dog, then it will prevent the onset of arthritis disease or cartilage issues and maintain the dog’s joint fitness.

4. Seaflex Joint Function for Cats: Value Plus manufactured Seaflex Joint Function, is a perfect supplement to administer to all age groups of cats. This supplement is rich in anti-oxidants and supports the joint function, along with maintenance of skin and coat health of the felines. A potent and effective natural supplement improves the joint health of the cats and prevents arthritis issue.

All these treatments are recommended and trusted. Administering your pets with these will really help you out in managing the joint issues especially when it comes to arthritis.

Got Fleas On Your Kitty? Safe Solutions To Keep Fleas At Bay

Remove Fleas On Your Kitty

Nothing is worse than discovering pesky fleas on your beloved cat. There is a myth that grubby and unhygienic skin and coat attract these critters. But, the truth is that any animal with a furry coat can be a home of parasites once in a while.

And once a pet enters the home with fleas, things are infested quickly because fleas have fed for a while on host and live in the thick carpets and rugs, and furniture of your home – this is why it is wise to consistently check your cat for fleas when she returns home after spending a lot of time outside.

Never Underestimate The Power of FLEAS!

If you are lucky to catch the fleas early, before they have dropped hundreds of eggs on your pet or in home, just flea control preparation is not an enough. Cleaning the environment and long term monthly fleas prevention treatments are also essential to keep your cat safe. Let’s first we know some reasons behind fleas control.

Why should you control Fleas?

fleas on kitten

Typically, the cats do not show signs even they have fleas and in fact, they ingest any fleas that they find during grooming.  Now the question is: how can you control the fleas on your cat if you don’t identify the problem? The answer is: Signs detection. Yes, simply observe few signs of a fleas infestation such as – loss of fur, itchy red skin, excessive grooming and seems restless.

The fleas infestation can be a medical emergency and severe in some cases if left untreated. Hence, there is need of control such these pesky little critters. Some other reasons for fleas controls are:

  • Fleas carry and spread several diseases like murine typhus, cat scratch, tapeworms and plague
  • Heavy infestations may lead your cat to iron deficiency or anemia, particularly in young kittens.
  • Also, develop rashes and allergies that cause skin disease.
  • Some chances to spread the disease to humans.
  • Cats have more risk of fleas infestation than dogs mostly because of their grooming habits

That’s why it is vital to control fleas as soon as possible in order to protect your cat before these little bloodsuckers create big problems.

Keep your surroundings fleas free:

Got Fleas On Your Kitty

Environmental cleaning is one of the safest solutions to keep all fleas at bay. You should treat the environment, both inside and outside until the fleas get away. Regular vacuuming is good to reduce fleas, but it does not completely treat the environmental infestation.

Ways To Get Rid of Fleas on Cats

And so, the effective treatment of the whole house is necessary. All heavily infested things of house should be treated, including pet bedding, carpets and furniture. Basically, you can use the right product like spray product and pesticide fogger that disrupts the flea life cycle and stop the fleas to come again in your home. Be careful for using such product properly.

Discover long lasting treatment to prevent future infestations:

Once you have confirmed the fleas are gone from all the pets in the house and the environment, and you do not want to experience another flea infestation, keep your cat on monthly popular flea control products like collars, shampoos, sprays, powders, monthly topical and oral fleas treatment year around.

These products are also very effective and safe solutions because they have excellent safety profiles enabling the treatment of kittens from a young age. Don’t miss to apply monthly topical flea treatments on your cat.

Before it’s too late, as a responsible cat owner, you have to make the effort to keep your pet and your home happy and safe.