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Effective Ways to Feed Your Cat Tablets

how-to-give-a-pill-to-catFeeding your cat a tablet sounds easy but unfortunately, it can be one of the most challenging tasks a cat parent can face. While feeding tablets to your cats can be an arduous task, the good news is, it can be easily fed to them provided you know the art of how to feed a feline a tablet. There are quite a few ways in which one can effectively feed a cat a tablet.

Read through them and select the one that would most likely get your cat to consume his pills.

Give It Manually

If your cat is well trained, the chances of her swallowing the tablet manually are very high. Given the fact that manual tablet feeding is not at all easy, if your cat listens to you, he will surely consume it without much of a fuss. But if you have a notorious cat, manually feeding will take some effort. Thus, opt for the manual method based on your cat’s nature.

Crush It

If the manual method fails (more often than not, it does), try and crush the tablet. Now before you opt for this technique, make sure the tablet is crushable. Once you’ve crushed the pill, either mix it with his meal or dissolve the same in her bowl of water. Do not give the crushed up tablet without the food or water because your kitty will sure as hell not pay heed and walk away.

Hide It

Another effective tablet feeding technique is to hide the pill inside your feline’s canned food. This can be a helpful method because as your furry pal consumes her meal, the tablet will somehow manage to wrestle through inside her body while she gobbles up her delicious meal.

Use a Pilling Device

Even after the above methods fail, don’t lose hope but instead, give the pilling device a shot. A pilling device is a syringe-like instrument which can be used the same way as manually feeding a pill with the exception of substituting your fingers for the device. It is a simple and safe way to effectively feed your cat her tablet.

After trying all of the above methods if your cat fails to gulp his tablet (which shouldn’t be the case), it is advised to opt for other treatment methods like paste, gel, cream, spot-on, etc. In fact, some pet parents have given up the tablet treatment method and have switched to other means. Despite all the talks surrounding that tablet treatment can be troublesome; it is still the most used and most effective mode of treatment.

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How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday?


Dogs are an integral part of our lives and are like family to us. Ask any dog parent and they would say the same. While dogs make our boring and dull life lively and full of sparks, we should appreciate it whole-heartedly by doing something special for them. What better occasion than on their birthday. It could be hard for some pet parents to remember their furry pal’s birth date but worry not; you could consider the day he was adopted as his special day (most parents do).

Celebrating your canine’s birthday requires ideas and we’re here with full of those. So sit back, relax and read on.

Bake a Pupcake

This is pretty obvious and most probably crossed your mind too. But here’s a twist, instead of baking a simple cake, try and make it a bit more dog-friendly. For example, consider the shape of the cake. It could be either in the shape of a dog’s face or just a simple dog bone.

Happy Bark-day Song

When you’re done baking and it’s time for cutting the cake, don’t forget to sing the happy birthday song to your ball of fur. No matter how bad you are at singing, don’t worry your pal won’t judge you. So get your inner loudspeakers out and sing for him.

Dog Paw-ty

It’s your munchkin’s birthday and throwing a paw-ty (party) is a definite must. Clear the yard and decorate it by placing fresh water and tasty snacks all over. You could even invite your human friends to get their pets too.

Photo Woof

A grand dog party without a photo woof (booth)? That doesn’t sound right, right? We know how much you love taking pictures of your friendly four-legged pal, so having a photo booth is a must. Capture all the fun moments with/of your buddy and make it a memorable one not only for him but for you as well.

Movie and Pupcorn

Another amazing idea to celebrate your canine’s birthday is to get some popcorn ready and watch a movie (preferably, animal related) with the birthday boy. You will not only enjoy each other’s company, but it will help you in strengthening the relationship.

Pugs and Kisses

No dog ever said no to pugs (hugs) and kisses. At least none we have come across. You could start and end your pooch’s special day with lots of hugs, cuddles and of course, kisses. Shower him with some extra love and affection on his big day.

Pamper With a Hamper

We know you pamper your dog a lot and we totally understand that. But on his birthday, go the extra mile and pamper him with a hamper filled with all the amazing things he likes. From his favorite toy to the tasty chew he simply relishes. Gift him them all and make him feel loved.

These are some of the things you should do for your pal on his birthday. And we’re sure you will try your best to make it very special. Also, we know our pals cannot talk to us (how we wish they could), but if they did we know exactly what they would tell you – Thank you fur everything and I love you furever!

How Does Nexgard Work?

Complete-Mechanism-of-Nexgard-on-DogThe most promising product – Nexgard has its own vitality and valor when it comes to deflecting the risk of fleas and ticks from your dog. These blood-sucking creatures, especially active during the warmer months, bring with them a gamut of diseases that not only deteriorate your pet’s health but also the authenticity of your parenthood. From infesting your pet with flea infestations, skin rashes, irritation, flea allergy dermatitis, tapeworm infection to the most critical diseases like anemia, fleas are responsible to disturb the life of your dog. But, to protect your furry pal from the harmful consequences of these illnesses, the incredible animal medical science brings the Nexgard – a wonderful flea and tick treatment.

Loaded with multiple benefits, Nexgard has recently emerged as a highly effective treatment in the industry. It is the first-ever oral chew for treating fleas and ticks. The tasty chewable is a monthly treatment given to destroy fleas and ticks on dogs. Nexgard not only restricts itself to eliminating fleas and ticks but also provides a wider advantage of controlling future flea and tick infestations when given regularly without any gaps. Moreover, the obvious advantage of Nexgard is it is a chewable treatment, which makes it readily accepted by dogs. The softness and beef-flavor make the chew highly palatable and almost all dogs take it as a treat.


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Well, with these major advantages, let us further decipher the working mechanism of this oral treatment that sets it apart.

How Does Nexgard Work?

Nexgard is made of a potent ingredient – Afoxolaner. This is a new component that has entered into the animal health industry and has not been used yet in any other flea and tick treatments. Once the treatment is taken, the ingredient enters the bloodstream without penetrating to the surrounding tissues and is ready to attack fleas and ticks once they sip in the ingredient. As Afoxolaner belongs to the family of isoxazoline, it is highly effective against numerous external veterinary parasites.

This classic pesticide has a broad spectrum of insecticidal and acaricidal activity. It inhibits insects by binding to acarine ligand-gated chloride channels in nerve and muscle cells, which further blocks pre- and post-synaptic transfer of chloride ions across cell membranes. This prolonged exposure to Afoxolaner leads to an uncontrolled activity of the central nervous system of these insects and acarines, eventually leading to their death. The selective toxicity of afoxolaner between insects, acarines, and mammals may be inferred by the differential sensitivity of the insects and acarines’ GABA receptors versus mammalian GABA receptors. Thus, the substantiate facts state that as the nervous system is different in mammals and insects, the incredible mechanism of the active ingredient just attack the fleas and ticks, and therefore it is completely safe for dogs.

Effectiveness Of This New Chemical Ingredient – Afoxolaner

For its high efficacy and safety measurements, the product has undergone vigorous and extensive testing.

Scientists have conducted a 90-day field study, which was carried out in households with existing flea infestations of differing severity. It was concluded that the effectiveness of Nexgard against fleas on Days 30, 60 and 90 resulted into 98.0%, 99.7%, and 99.9%, respectively.

Additionally, the data from the well-controlled laboratory studies demonstrated 97% effectiveness against fleas and 92.3% against ticks.

Subsequently, the collective data from the studies – both field and laboratory state that Nexgard removes fleas before they lay eggs. This helps in effectively controlling future flea infestations after the start of treatment and also eliminates existing flea infestations.

Critical Point to Know about Nexgard

Pet parents should be well acquainted with the fact that Nexgard is only designed for dogs. Therefore, it should not be given to cats. Due to different anatomy, cats may succumb to fatal consequences.

Quality and Authenticity

A strong aspect of Nexgard is – it comes from the house of Merial, the same company that offers Frontline Plus – the most popular flea and tick spot-on. Thus, the authenticity of the product increases doubly.

Safety – How Safe Is Nexgard for Dogs?

When it comes to safety, various studies showed that in a well-controlled field testing there was zero possibility of clinically-relevant effects related to the treatment on physical examination, body weight, food consumption or organ weights. However, few incidences of vomiting were reported, which showed that the signs subsided eventually.

Moreover, in a well-controlled field study, Nexgard was also used with other treatments such as vaccines, antibiotics, anthelmintics, and steroids as well as anesthetics to see the proximity of its reactivity with other ingredients. It was observed that no adverse reactions were observed from the concurrent use of Nexgard with other treatments. Thus, it is totally safe to use Nexgard in conjunction with other treatments.

However, recent data from American drug society warns that this flea and tick treatment may trigger neurological issues including seizures, muscle tremor, and ataxia in some dogs with medical history. Therefore, though Nexgard is considered safe and effective for use in dogs, the government medical community recommends pet owners to consult a vet for the medical history of their pets before the use of this product as a precautionary measure.

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Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum: Which one is better?


Very few products do the arduous task of preventing dogs from fleas, ticks, heartworm, and gastrointestinal worms. Two such products that excel in the just mentioned conditions are Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum. While they are both exceptional in doing what they do, it is obvious pet parents will go for one. It could be difficult to pick one but fret not; our comparison below should assist you in simplifying your choice.

Sentinel or Sentinel Spectrum

To compare the two products, we must first understand what these products are all about.

1. Sentinel – These beef-flavored oral preventative tablets protects dogs from heartworm, fleas, ticks, adult hookworms, adult roundworms, whipworms and various other internal and external parasites for one whole month.


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2. Sentinel Spectrum – This bacon and beef flavored chewable provide a broad spectrum of thorough protection from heartworm, adult roundworms, adult tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, fleas (both egg and larval stage), ticks and other parasitic creatures.

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The below-drawn table will aid in clearing your doubts regarding Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum.
Subject Sentinel Sentinel Spectrum
Preventative Type Tablets Chews
Administration Orally Orally
Heartworm Prevents heartworm Prevents heartworm
Fleas Prohibits larval growth and thus aids in preventing fleas from multiplying Controls fleas in both the egg and larval stages. Prevents flea infestation too
Ticks Effectively prevents ticks Prevents ticks
Hookworms Protects dogs from adult hookworms Treats and controls hookworms
Roundworms Prevents adult roundworms (toxocara canis & toxascaris leonina) Provides treatment and effectively controls adult roundworms
Tapeworms Not effective against tapeworms Effective in controlling adult tapeworms
Whipworms Forbids whipworms (trichuris vulpis) from entering the body Prevents and controls whipworms effectively
Taste Beef flavored Beef and bacon flavored
Safety Safe for puppies (above six weeks), pregnant and lactating dogs Not yet been evaluated as safe for pregnant and lactating dogs
Suitability Suitable for dogs above 6 weeks old Only for dogs above 6 weeks and/or above 2lbs
Dosage Monthly treatment Monthly treatment
Active Ingredients Milbemycin Oxime and/or Lufenuron Milbemycin Oxime, Lufenuron and Praziquantel
Manufacturer Novartis Novartis
Side Effects Side effects are rare but in some cases dogs may exhibit the following:


Appetite loss





Hyper salivation





The following side effected have been brought to notice:




Body Weakness







Skin Congestion



Additional Information According to the weight and color of the pack should you select the product:


Brown pack – 2-10lbs

Green pack – 11-25lbs

Yellow pack – 26-50lbs

Grey pack – 51-100lbs


One chewable should be given but remember to select the right pack based on the weight of your dog:


Orange box – 2-8lbs

Green box – 8.1-25lbs

Yellow box – 25.1-50lbs

Blue box – 50.1-100lbs


Note: Over 100lbs dogs should be given an appropriate combination.


So which one is better – Sentinel or Sentinel Spectrum?

As you can see by the table above, there’s hardly much that separates the two products. Hence, it is important to know the symptoms first (and later, the issue your pet is facing) and based on that should you select the ideal treatment method.

Also, if you’re having trouble picking one, there’s always the option of contacting your local vet. Do not hesitate to call your vet if you’re having second thoughts about something because where health is concerned, it’s imperative to be safe and sure rather than sorry.