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2019’s Trendiest Dogs Gadgets For Tech-Savvy Pet Parents

Dog-gadgets-for-tech-savvy-dog-ownersGadgets are the coolest things that a pet owner can have for their dogs. These techy products relieve so much of responsibility from the pet owners and help in enhancing the quality of life of our pets that they are simply a boon. In fact, they are more of a help to pet parents besides being a luxury to our canines. Most of these modish gadgets make our task easy and some of them are even fun to have. So, here are the trendiest gadgets every pet owner must buy in 2019 and up their game with their dogs to be the coolest parents.

Wicked Bone Automatic Dog Toy Eliminates Boredom Issues in Dogs

This wicked bone automatic toy is certainly wicked. It moves, it vibrates and you can actually control this ‘bone-like’ toy to keep your dog engrossed. The best thing about this cool gadget is it takes sound inputs from your dog and responds by moving in an intriguing manner. It is one of the best interactive toys to eliminate boredom and depression issues in dogs and is definitely a must-have for 2019.

Pet Selfie Smartphone Attachment Helps You To Click Best Selfies With Your Pooches

You must have tried a million times to get that perfect selfie with your pet, but sadly your dog is always staring at something else. Pity you …he considers it unimportant! He has more interesting stuff to stare at, right! Well, if you are tired of gaining your pet’s attention while taking a selfie with him, fret not! Now you don’t have to struggle to hold your pet between your legs so he can stay still.

This uber cool, funky selfie attachment is certain to attain your pet’s interest. Since it can easily fit onto the cellphone, your pet will definitely look at it while you click the selfie with him. It’s all about how you trick your dog and this smart attachment is sure to meddle with your pet’s head! He won’t even come to know he’s being clicked 😉

Thundershirt Provides Calming Effect To Your Dogs



Buying pet clothes is definitely interesting but when it comes with the benefit of health it is worth your investment. Thundershirt is one such stylish jacket which you must add to your dog’s shopping kitty if he has anxiety issues. This cool gadget makes your dog look chic and provides a calming effect to his mind as it comes with a vibrator that relaxes the muscles and in turn tranquilizes distressed, anxious dogs.

In fact, it is an extremely helpful gadget for dogs that are scared of thunderstorms, fireworks, traveling, etc. So, don’t you think it is one of the best things to buy this year if your dog is dealing with such issues?

iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers – Coolest Gadget for Pet Parents

iFetch is an automatic cannonball launcher which doesn’t require you to throw the ball for your pet every time. It’s tiring at times, isn’t it? Well, not anymore. This iFetch ball launcher relieves you of this responsibility. You just have to put the balls inside the cannon and it will automatically get launched by tapping a button.

Cooling Pad Cools Down Your Dog’s Body

Heatstrokes are very common in summers. As the temperatures rise, our pets get restless because of the excessive heat. But now, your pet won’t have to suffer anymore because this newly launched Cooling Pad helps your dog to cool down his body heat by merely sitting on it. He can just lie down comfortably and the gel inside the pad will help bring down his temperature to normal in a few minutes.

Tug Prevention Dog Trainer Motivates Your Dog To Walk Straight

This amazing gadget helps your dog to stay calm and walk obediently by your side when you take him out for a stroll. The tug emits a tone that only your dog can hear. It keeps him motivated to walk straight, without getting excited or anxious about things coming on his way.

All of these products are specially designed to make the life of pet owners much more relaxed and comfortable. They also enhance the living standards of your pet and help them stay healthy mentally as well as physically. So, now that we have already informed you about the latest trendy gadgets getting popular in the pet world, grab them now because 2019 ought to be a happier year for you and your pet’s life.

How to Use Revolution Correctly On Cats?

What is Revolution for Cats?

Revolution has been considered one of the best parasitic treatments for cats. Why so? Because first of all, the solution is topical and quick drying and works for a complete 30 days. Secondly, it is a multi-spectrum treatment which not just treats adult flea infestation but also kills the flea eggs, thereby, preventing further infestation. Besides, it also kills ear mites and hence is used as a treatment strategy for Sarcoptic mange. Revolution has been also seen effective against American dog ticks. Coming over to internal parasites in cats, Revolution is also a potent wormer which treats roundworms and hookworms. The product is also highly effective against prevention of heartworm disease and is hence known as the most powerful flea and parasite control for cats.

Other Properties of Revolution Topical Parasiticide for Cats

  • Revolution is an advanced formula with a quick drying ability which allows people to cuddle their pet as soon as the solution dries. They don’t have to refrain themselves from scooping the pet in their arms for long. However, it is important to wait for at least two hours to bath your pet to allow the solution to properly seep inside the skin and dry, so, it remains effective for the entire month.
  • Revolution is a non-greasy product and thus won’t leave your hand oily when you touch your dog.
  • The product is odorless and hence won’t cause any kind of skin irritation in pets nor will it trouble your nose.
  • Revolution can be safely used on breeding and nursing cats.
  • It can also be used on kittens that are over 6 weeks of age.

How Revolution Works

Revolution has an active ingredient called Selamectin which is a parasiticide and anthelmintic. This ingredient acts on the nervous system of the parasites and causes hyperactivity which in turn kills the critter. In intestinal worms as well, the chemical disrupts the nerve signals thereby killing the worms and eliminating them from the intestinal tract.


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How to Apply Revolution to Cats

  • Prepare your cat for the administration of the solution. Make her stand in a comfortable position.
  • Ensure her coat is completely dry.
  • Wear protective gloves before handling the product.
  • Part the fur gently at the base of the neck to expose the skin. Make sure there is no broken skin or sores on the application site.
  • Hold the pipette with the cap pointing in an upward direction. Now press the cap down firmly to puncture the seal of the tube. Once the seal is open, place the tip on the visible skin.
  • Now squeeze the pipette three to four times so the entire content comes out on the spot.
  • Discard the used pipette and dispose of in a place where your children and pets cannot reach.
  • Wash your hands after the application.

Important Points To Consider

  • Do not use cat product on the dog.
  • Treat all the cats in your house at the same time so the infestation doesn’t spread.
  • Wait for a minimum of 2 hours before shampooing your pet or getting him wet.
  • Do not touch your eyes if the solution spilled on your fingers. Flush your eyes with water immediately if at all you did.
  • Regularly vacuum your house and wash all the clothes and cat’s belongings so the flea infestation doesn’t recur.

Well, Revolution does have some side effects on certain cats but that is very rare and minor. You may see discoloration, powdery residue or stiff hair at the site of application. However, if in case a cat experiences vomiting, loose stools, diarrhea or muscle tremors, contact the vet immediately. Most importantly, you must know beforehand that your cat is not allergic to Selamectin.

If Dog Breeds Were Game Of Thrones Characters

Dog-breeds-as-games-of-thrones-charactersThe highly talked TV show on this planet, which is Game of Thrones, of course, has got the whole world on the edge of their seats. Already in its final season, and with just a couple more episodes to go, we found this to be the perfect time to connect our beloved dog breeds with your favorite Game of Thrones characters from Season 8.

So, if Game of Thrones season 8 were made with dogs as the main characters, it would be somewhat like this…

Basenji as Brandon Stark

The Game of Thrones character that aptly fits a Basenji’s description is Brandon Stark. Basenjis are the only dog breed that cannot let out a bark. Likewise, Bran Stark cannot walk as he is crippled. Furthermore, Basenjis are small, highly alert as well as incredibly clever, and are always endearing towards their family members; quite like Bran.

Boston Terrier as Arya Stark

Boston-Terrier-as-Arya-StarkDespite their relatively smaller size, Boston Terriers are smart and independent dogs whose behavior can become stubborn and aggressive when they’re left all by themselves. Similarly, Arya Stark is a puny little girl who is quirky and highly underestimated and over time develops a unique personality. And not to forget her aggressive and wild-eyed nature that she develops over time.

Great Dane as Brienne of Tarth

Great-Dane-as-Brienne-of-TarthAn honorable woman with immense bravery, deservingly gained knighthood and is a loyal warrior to the ones she fights for. Despite all the ridicule she faces, Brienne of Tarth goes about doing her job to perfection. A Great Dane has similar attributes and is a noble and affectionate pet. They are often referred to as a gentle giant due to its sturdy and towering looks; quite similar to that of Brienne.

Afghan Hound as Cersei Lannister

Afghan-Hound-as-Cersei-LannisterLong and wavy locks of hair best describe an Afghan hound. Apart from that, an Afghan hound normally prefers their own company than mixing around with other people and animals. Cersei Lannister too, has all these traits imbibed in her along with, of course, her dignity and aloofness. Also, looks wise, the Afghan hound even resembles Cersei Lannister.

Iban Hunting Dog as Daenerys Targaryen

Iban Hunting-Dog-as-Daenerys-TargaryenLooks can be deceiving, just like Daenerys Targaryen can be too. She might look demurring and unassuming, but guess what, she isn’t. Also known as Khaleesi, and the rightful heir to the Iron throne, she is a survivor and a warrior. Just like Daenerys, the Iban hunting dog is a fighter and a free roaming animal whose spirit cannot be caged. This hunting dog is an untamed beauty, just like the dragon queen Daenerys.

Golden Retriever as Jaime Lannister

Golden-Retriever-as-Jaime-LannisterA handsome hunk with golden locks of hair and perhaps the golden boy of Game of Thrones, he would be perfectly played by a golden retriever. Extremely loyal to the one he fights for, Jaime Lannister has immense affection for his sister Cersei Lannister. Though slightly overboard and even creepy, Ser Jaime is that kind of guy whom you can trust. Golden Retrievers too, are very loyal and can be trusted for life.

Bernese Mountain Dog as Jon Snow

Bernese-Mountain-Dog-as-Jon-SnowThe illegitimate offspring of Eddard Stark, Jon Snow, found himself far from north protecting his people and kingdom from wildlings and white walkers at the night’s watch. He faithfully performed his duties before returning to Winterfell for one final battle. Just like Jon, the Bernese mountain dog is affectionate, loyal and most importantly, great at guarding things.

Chow Chow as Varys

Chow-Chow-as-VarysVarys is a skilled manipulator and well-versed with all the happenings in an around his surrounding areas. He is a cunning and ruthless person, but most of the people underestimate him to be a cheerful and vapid flatterer. Similarly, the Chow Chow breed is quiet, attentive and is always suspicious of strangers. But with the right people, he proves that be can be trusted and is very loyal.

Poodle as Sansa Stark

Poodle-as-Sansa-StarkDainty and elegant, Sansa Stark was born with typical lady-like features. She’s beautiful, tall, slim and true to her family members. Her womanly-like character matches the poodle breed; who is just as elegant, proud, and highly affectionate towards the ones that care for them. Poodles love looking pretty and have a regal attitude; so does Sansa Stark.

Bulldog as Tyrion Lannister

Bulldog-as-Tyrion-LannisterTyrion, as we know, is a man that lacks stature but he makes that up with his sheer determination. Short legs and a big attitude, Tyrion is that type of person whose role would be played to perfection by a bulldog. Once a bulldog sets his eyes on something, he makes sure he gets that, hook or by crook. Tyrion has similar traits and has a history of never giving up.

The characters list in Game of Thrones goes on and on and thus, we selected only ten of them. We hope you loved our dog-styled version of Game of Thrones as much as we loved in writing it.

Hotspots on Dogs – How To Tackle Them?

buy-apoquel-for-dogs-skin-allergies-at-lowest-pricesHotspots are one of the most hideous skin diseases a dog can get. These skin lesions develop as scars or sores and are not just awfully itchy but painful too. They appear on the skin without any prior warnings and make pet’s life horrible. Therefore, it is imperative to have complete knowledge of the condition so that appropriate prevention methods could be taken in advance.

What are Hotspots on Dogs?

Hotspots, also known as pyotramatic or acute moist dermatitis are moist, red and itchy lesions on the skin that are a result of an allergic reaction in the body. Sometimes these lesions are self-inflicted by the dog or occur due to certain substances that trigger an immune response in the body. An underlying disease or poor hygiene can also result in this condition. But, since these lesions can spread easily to other parts of the body, care must be taken to prevent the condition from exacerbating to the next level.

What Are The Real Causes Of Dog Hot Spots?

Hot spots are created when a dog continuously bites or licks a spot which is itchy. However, the underlying cause of this itch could include multiple reasons like –

  • Food Allergies
  • Skin Infections
  • Pollen Allergy
  • Dust Allergy
  • Flea Allergy
  • Wounds on skin
  • Ear Infections
  • Constant licking

It is important to take proper care of these spots as they can become breeding ground for bacteria and fester if not treated on time.

How To Treat Hotspots In Dogs?

Treatment is only initiated once the underlying cause of this allergic reaction is deciphered. Normally, skin conditions are treated with antihistamines like Apoquel. It is, in fact, a very potent treatment used to subside and alleviate the symptoms of allergy like inflammation and itching.  This oral tablet provides relief from inflammation within 3-4 hours and is highly effective on all dogs.



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How Apoquel works?

Apoquel being a highly powerful treatment for allergic and atopic dermatitis in dogs works by getting absorbed quickly by the body and starts its action within a few hours of time. Apoquel contains an active ingredient Oclacitinib maleate which inhibits the cytokines JAK 1 and 3 responsible for producing an inflammatory and pruritogenic response in the body, thereby relieving the itchiness and irritation of the skin.

Other than Apoquel, there are other treatments which can be also be used to prevent the hotspots from recurring, like –

  1. Use medicated shampoo like Malacetic that facilitates healing of skin naturally because of its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.
  2. Prevent the dog from scratching by using T collar.
  3. Keep his fur short at the spots inflicted.
  4. The area affected must be kept properly cleaned and patted dry.
  5. Keep the pet well groomed and contact the vet if any signs of infestations are found.

Hotspots are a big problem in canines and most of them suffer from it because of the lack of proper protection. In order to avoid your pet from suffering from such a terrible skin condition, make sure you take good care of his coat and overall health. It is only your vigilance and care that can help your pet stay free of this menace which afflicts the canine population tremendously.

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