National Pet Travel Safety Day – Pet Safety Tips

By | January 2, 2020


National Pet Travel Safety Day – Pets love embarking upon new adventures. No pet parent can deny going for a trip when it involves the company of their beloved pets! However, there are many things you need to consider before going out on a trip with your pet. Although pets know how to behave around the house, they might not know what to do in an enclosed space for a long span of time. Therefore, to spread awareness about pet travel safety, January 2nd is dedicated to celebrating National Pet Travel Safety Day.

To ensure a safe and fun trip with your pet, just follow the below mentioned simple steps and you’re ready to hit the road!

Prepare Your Pet for the Trip

Before going for any long trips, prep your pet so he doesn’t get car sick. Pets love to play around in the open area so it could be different for your pet to stay in a car for several hours. So, take your pet for a short drive around the block so that he can get used to sitting in the car. Initiate this routine a week before the actual trip so till then, the pet is well acquainted with the change in routine.

Arrange a Travel Kit

A travel kit with all the pet essentials is important for any trip with pets. They have many requirements so it’s quite important to prepare a travel kit. It should contain –

  • Dog leash/harness and identification tags
  • Food and water bowls
  • Poop bags
  • First aid kit
  • Seat covers
  • Treats and toys
  • Dog crate

Any travel kit for your pet must contain the above-mentioned things. Moreover, you should also carry anxiety supplements such as Anxiety TFLN and Travel Anxiety from HomeoPet to calm your furry pal in stressful situations.

Pre Travel Checklist For Pet Owners During This Holiday Season

Don’t Ever Leave Your Pet Alone In the Car

Please note that leaving a dog in a closed car during a sunny day can prove fatal as the heat gets unbearable for them. Moreover, you don’t know how your pet might act in the absence of anyone in the car and could possibly harm himself. Therefore, ensure there’s someone always present with him.

Keep Your Pet on Leash

You need to keep your pet on a leash especially during closing or opening the door because you don’t want to risk the petting jumping out of the vehicle. Moreover, keeping a leash on him will also prevent him from running off in an unknown place. Therefore, see that the pet is on the leash if you’re uncertain about his behavior.

Keep the Pet Hydrated

This goes without saying, but pet parents often forget to provide water to their pets. You must make frequent halts so that your pet can drink water and stay hydrated during the entire trip.

Updating Identification Tag

Before leaving for the trip, update the pet’s identification tag. So, if he ever gets lost, you can easily track him down. We try to be optimistic but sometimes mishaps do occur and you always need to be ready for that.

These are the important pet travel safety tips that every pet parent needs to follow if they’re planning a trip with their furry companions! We hope you have a great time with your pet and come back with plenty of fun-filled memories!