Pet Wellness Month (Oct. 2019): Dedicate This October To Your Furry Angel!

By | September 27, 2017

Pet Wellness Month: Dedicate This October to Your Furry Angel!

Your pet’s health is one of the most important assets for them as well as for you. Spending time, playing, and caressing are the gestures that are highly effective for their mental wellness, which is also proportionally related to their physical well-being.

A healthy mind has a great impact on an individual’s body and vice versa. Especially if your pet demands your attention because he/she cannot express the pain or happiness through verbal strings. They rely on you as well as admire you for their health status.

You follow a custom of dedicating a certain month, week, or even a day, to specific relationships or any random social cause that creates awareness among the crowd and draws their attention. What if you dedicate a whole month to your lovable four-legged furry angel?  Doesn’t that sound great?? Of course, it does! It is a great idea to show more love and affection towards your pet since they are the most reliable friend, terrific partner, and loyal companion.

October is National Pet Wellness Month

The entire month of October is celebrated as National Pet Wellness Month! It sure feels so great to have such kind of celebrations for your pets. The health of pets has been a cause for concern for a fairly long time and things like these can help in raising awareness among the general public. This special month for pets gives you the opportunity to invest your energy in improving the health of your lovable and trusted companion.

Pet Owners Are Celebrating Pet Wellness Month

So, to make it a bit simpler, create a list of all the possible measures or facilities you want to include in your task list regarding your pets’ well-being. This Pet Wellness Month, others,   including celebrities are celebrating this special month and so can you. Some of the ways in which you can celebrate and be a part of this pet wellness month have been given below.

  • Feed Nutritious Food –

    To keep your furry angel fit and healthy, feeding it a nutritious diet is very important. The things you feed your buddy has a massive impact on his/her overall health. Foods rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants should be fed to your furry buddy. These will not only benefit their health but also help in preventing many harmful diseases from harming your pet. Moreover, feeding them the right quantity also matters a lot. Hence, refrain from overfeeding your ball of fur as this may lead to problems such as obesity. Also, for the best diet for your fuzzy friend, visit a vet or a pet dietician.


  • Protect Them from Parasites –

    Protecting your beloved pets from the scary and creepy creatures is also essential. Parasites like fleas and ticks can harm your pal at any time. They don’t come knocking on your door but make stealthy entries, just like a thief. Thus, it is imperative to stay prepared. To do so, opt for flea and tick preventatives that are easily available in pet stores.


  • Daily Exercises –

    Just like how daily food intake is essential for the body to function properly, daily exercise is equally important as well. Exercises help in burning calories and excess fat. This helps in keeping your furry angel in shape and improves his/her overall health. Running, playing fetch, etc are some of the exercises which can be practiced with your furry munchkin to keep him/her in top shape.


  • Dental Care –

    You may not know this but proper dental care can increase your dog’s lifespan. Gum problems, bad breath, plaque, tartar, etc are dental issues that can create havoc in the lives of your pet. Thus, to keep him/her in good dental health conditions, proper care is a must. Many dental products such as Pet Dent toothbrush, Pet Dent toothpaste, Pet Dent oral gel, etc can help you a great deal.


  • Skin and Coat Care –

    While dental care is important, so is skin and coat care. A part of the grooming process for pets, maintaining proper skin and coat health not only enhances and improves skin and coat shine but also helps in keeping your pal healthy and far away from skin problems like skin rashes and skin diseases like skin cancer. There is a wide range of skincare products for both cats and dogs that are available in the markets and online stores like!Moreover, brush your pal’s fur regularly to keep pesky parasites at bay.


  • Routine Health Check-ups –

    Whether your furry angel is sick or not, visiting the vet regularly is a habit that must be cultivated. These visits will not only help in detecting any illnesses at its early stage, which can be cured easily but also assist you in saving the big bucks in the near future.


  • Spend Quality Time –

    Last but certainly not the least, spending quality time with your furry angel is sometimes all that your buddy requires. Take some time out from your busy schedule and spend it with your pooch or feline. You can do so by going out for walks or spend it at home by snuggling up. It will do him/her a world of good and also boost their overall health.

Be a part of this festivity by giving your incredible contribution to the better health of your friendly pet. This October, try and fill your pet’s life with lots and lots of surprises, but more importantly, give your pet a gift hamper of good health and happiness to cherish.

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