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Read All Reviews : CleanEar for Dogs & Cats

Description :

Cleanear is a mild ear cleansing solution made up of organic solvents. It is used to maintain aural hygiene in cats and dogs. The easy to apply solution clears away earwax, dirt, discharge and dead tissues from the pet’s ears. It prevents the growth of bacteria and cleanses the ear surface for better penetration of miticides and insecticides.


With active ingredients like salicylic acid, malic acid, benzoic acid and Docausate sodium, Cleanear wipes off dirt, earwax, discharge, dead tissues and bacteria from the pet’s ears. The acidic nature of the ingredients repels and prevents bacterial growth and mite attacks. The ear cleaner maintains pH balance in the pet's ears and thus prevents infections and diseases.

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Top Reviews

Well Good

Excellent cleaner. Used on my cocker spaniel, just squirt small amount into ear canal, work the liquid round at the base of the ear for a minute or so. Let the dog shake its head, then clean the inner ear with cotton wool balls, two or three usually removes any discharge. Simples eh! Even in English. I've used this every day until effected ear clears up. Then once a week. Recommend this product.

Exciting Product

Love the ear cleanser for my Golden Retriever, because it works and it doesn't burn her ears so she doesn't fight me anymore. Also, the Vet said that her ears look great! She was constantly getting ear infections before! Thank you so much!!!

Best for removing dirt

For maggie and rock, I usually keep this pack in handy as it best used for removing dirt and excess wax. Once weekly, I just apply this rest assured there is not dirt there in their ears and it also helps to prevent any complication in ears. My favorite one for ear cleaning.

An effective ear cleaner!!!

I purchased this product when my furry pal had lots of ear wax and dirt in his ears. But ever since I have applied this treatment on him his aural health has become better. I highly recommend this treatment to other pet owners.

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