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Review : Medimmune for Bird Supplies

Description :

An effective immune stimulant - Medimmune is a powerful oral treatment for numerous viral and other diseases that infect racing pigeons and birds. Its unique formula enhances immune system and helps recover flying pets from impaired immunity conditions. Safe for young and breeding pigeons, Medimmune is an excellent remedy to treat and prevent viral infestation and other bird diseases.


Medimmune is a powerful immune activator and potent anti-oxidant. It’s a general preventive for various infectious diseases in pigeons and birds. This oral treatment is helpful in curing recurrent respiratory disease, Salmonella (Paratphoid) and E-coli that occurs in avian. The active ingredients in this product aid in fighting multiple viral diseases that infect pet birds. A natural nutritional supplement, Medimmune improves immunity and helps pigeons to face stress during racing or breeding.

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Got rid of recurrent respiratory disease

This product assisted in recovering my pigeon in time along with enhancing his immunity. Best website to procure bird supplies. A very grateful bird owner!!