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Read All Reviews : Stronghold for Cats

Description :

Stronghold Spot-On For Cats

 A topical treatment, Stronghold spot-on efficaciously terminates fleas for the entire month because of its adulticidal, ovicidal (its ovicidal properties lasts for 3 weeks) and larvicidal properties. The broad spectrum treatment is the first choice of many veterinarians to treat roundworms, hookworms and prevent heartworms (heartworms are rare in cats but it’s better to be safe) in cats. The spot-on is safe for breeding, pregnant and lactating queens. It also controls the flea infestations in the environment around the treated cat.

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Top Reviews

Effect lasts long!

I really liked this product because its effect lasts longer. I am happy to see my cats flea-free.

Money Saver

It's a great product! I acquired it with a discount coupon and free shipping. I can't ask for anything more.

Very Helpful

Awesome Product