10 Successful Ways To House Train A Puppy Perfectly

By | February 5, 2019

dog-attentively-looking-at-his-ownerHouse training is an important part of introducing good habits to your growing pooch. It gives them a sense of what is right and what is wrong and how they should portray refined behavior. Though it certainly requires a lot of patience from the owner’s end, the results are worth reaping, especially if you are a cleanliness freak. We cannot deny the fact that puppies can litter anywhere and everywhere because when they are too young, they hardly understand the right spot to eliminate their stuff. This is the reason, they require house training.

Correct Time To Begin House Training

The best time to house train/potty train your pooch is when he is 12-14 weeks of age. By this time he would have learned how to hold his bladder unlike 6-8 weeks of age when he would have no clue to contain his urine or poop. All you have to do meanwhile is to use lots of old newspapers or puppy pads that will decrease your task of cleaning.

10 Ways To House Train Your Puppy

  1. Once he is 12 or 13 weeks older, start taking him out to a spot for peeing and pooping. Obviously, the puppy won’t come and inform you that he needs to eliminate, so it is better to take him out to that fixed spot outdoors when –
  • He wakes up, i.e. after sleep
  • After play time
  • Every time after drinking or eating
  • When he is too excited
  1. While at home, confine his area to a room so he gets the sense that he cannot poop where he sleeps and plays. Gradually increase this area to the entire house and teach him not to potty in your room or other places of the house by training him for each room separately.
  2. Maintain a proper routine for him. Schedule his food timings and sleep timings. It helps in maintaining his health and he will get the urge to eliminate on the same time every single day which in turn will help you to understand the time of his poop.
  3. Reward your puppy whenever he poops in the right place.
  4. Provide good quality food so his stools are firmer and he doesn’t have the urge to poop or wee every now and then.
  5. If mistakenly your puppy poops in the wrong place, do not yell or scold him. Simply remove the poop and clean the area with a good quality cleanser meant for the purpose.
  6. Constant supervision is extremely necessary when house training your dog. Be aware of where he is going and how he is behaving.
  7. You can also use commands – a particular word that will teach him to go to the right place for pooping or for teaching him that it is time for pooping. You can also teach him a command that will stop him from pooping inside your house.
  8. Be extra patient when training your dog. They are naive and need more time to understand and follow thing correctly so even if you are a restless kind, stay put when he is pooping and wait for him to finish. Do not hurry in any activity you do with him.

And the 10th way which is although not related to house training but is very important for his good health is to pay vet visits and watch out his poops. If your dog poops frequently and seems to get weak, he might be suffering from worm infection because pups usually have worms in their body when they are born. So make sure you administer wormers from the age of 2 weeks, every alternate week until 6 months and get him checked regularly to avoid any complications.

Takeaway: House training establishes good etiquettes in your dog and thus, is an imperative part of dog ownership. A well-behaved dog with good manners and hygiene habits is loved by one and all so start teaching the good habits from a very young age so he consumes them for the rest of his life.

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