Pet Allergy Facts That Will Surprise You – Dog And Cat Allergies


It has been estimated at 65% of U.S. households have one or more animals. This means that there are more than 79.7 million homes and for allergy sufferers it means a lot of fur, fluff and feathers. More than 9% of all U.S. citizens test positive for animal allergens irrespective of the pet presence. The… Read More »

Columbus Day Deals On Pet Supplies With Discounts – Enjoy Leisure With Pets

Columbus Day is just around the corner. It is the perfect opportunity for you to have a great weekend by escaping the city and getting in touch with nature. So take your sunshine with you and discover a new world this festive day. There are lots of pet-friendly getaways in our country where your furry… Read More »

This World Animal Day Take A Pledge To Make A Difference In The Lives Of Your Pets

Did you know that there are approximately 60 million farm animals in the world that are not treated humanely? 80% of the world’s 1 billion dogs and cats are stray or neglected. Hence, in order to ensure that humane treatment is levied on farm animals and to advocate the protection of the environment that is… Read More »

Unveil Some Important Facts About Heartworm Disease

Vital Facts About Heartworm Disease in Pets Have you ever wondered how heartworms really affect the life of your furry pal? Just to give you an idea heartworms are long noodle like worms that grow in the tiny heart of your beloved companion. Naturally, any human being would find it extremely disturbing to imagine this… Read More »

Two Best Deworming Treatments For Dogs

Worms are a real problem in dogs, and more so because of the fact that they change the behavior of the doggy when it comes to eating. The pooch either eats irregularly or loses the desire to eat food. In case, you find your pet behaving lazily coupled with the symptoms mentioned above, then it… Read More »

Is Frontline Plus Still Effective? Examining the Effectiveness of the Pet Product – Frontline Plus

Every pet owner has its own views about the best flea preventive treatment available in the market and in a way they are entitled to have their opinions. But when pet owners start to raise questions and doubts about the effectiveness of a product then it becomes a problem. In this write-up, we have tried… Read More »