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Dog-Friendly Ice Creams- A Cool Treat For Hot Summers!

Have you ever noticed your dogs drooling while you are enjoying the cold ice cream in hot summers? It may also have happened that the scoop of ice cream goes missing from the top of the cone while you are discussing something with someone. These events prove that your dogs love and crave for this sweet treat as much as you do, especially in summers.


However, our rich-in-cream ice creams are not healthy for dogs. Canines are lactose intolerant and are not able to digest dairy products like we can. They end up vomiting or may have diarrhea after gulping your icy treat. Most of the dog owners are aware of this fact and thus, shoo their pooches when they have this treat, which may disheartens the pet.

Well, the only way to cheer your pooch or let him join your summer-snacking party is to get dog-friendly ice creams. Yes! These icy treats are almost free from milk and this makes them perfect for our lactose intolerant furry buddies. Different brands use distinct ingredients to make ice creams for dogs, which most probably use yogurt or lactose free milk instead of whole milk. With some natural flavors added, it may become the perfect cool-off treat for your Fido.

If you are unaware about dog-friendly ice cream brands, let’s check a few that could savor your pet’s sweet tooth in summers!

Canine-friendly ice cream brands- An end to the dessert injustice!

  • Frosty Paws: Nestle, known for its tasteful recipes, introduced Frosty Paws for dogs. This may easily turn into your pooch’s favorite seasonal dessert for summers. It comes in cartons of four have two flavors, vanilla and peanut butter. Grab a pack for your Fido to chill in these summery days!
  • Puppy Scoops: Unlike Frosty Paws which comes in cups, Puppy Scoops comes in whole pints. It can be a perfect cool-off treat after a long sweaty day for your pets. Along with peanut butter and vanilla, this brand also offers another delicious flavor, Maple Bacon. Puppy Scoops is made with natural ingredients that are completely healthy for your dogs.
  • Pedigree Ice Cream Sandwich: If you want your dogs to enjoy the same texture as your ice cream has, this creamy treat from Pedigree may be the best one. Though it is rich in milk and is dairy based, this frozen dessert does not contain lactose more than1%. Pedigree is a pack of rich, healthy, and a delicious ice-cream sandwich that your dog would love to have. Keep the freezer packed with these treats to rescue your pets from the heat, whenever possible!

The next time you decide to treat yourself, don’t forget to buy a dog-friendly ice cream for your furry friend! These scoops of cream may help your dogs be cool in the hot days of summers.

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Dog Ponds- A cool idea for hot summers!


Do you find your pups running to the sprinklers or any other source of water every now and then? The rising temperature and humidity is not only uncomfortable for you, even your pooch must be facing the same uneasiness. Everybody is familiar with the kiddie pools. They can be a great relief for dogs in summers. But, imagine a permanent pond in your backyard! Isn’t it a cool idea for your dogs in this hot summer?

Though the dog pool in the backyard is a trend gaining tremendous popularity amongst pet owners of the USA, you may need to take care of certain things. Let’s have a look at a few tips for a safe and successful pool installation in your backyard:

  • For making a pre-formed dog pool, choose the best quality liner, pump and a few pieces of flexible tubing.
  • The edges of the liner should be secured properly to avoid any damage by dogs.
  • You may want to use rocks to give it a natural look of the pond. But make sure that the rocks are not sharp. Sharp rocks may bruise your furry friend’s paws.
  • When you place these rocks, check their stability. Make sure they don’t shift in one angle with weight. You may want your pooch to lose balance and get wounded. Do you?
  • Flat, large rocks to create steps for entering and exiting the pools could be the coolest and the safest thing. Incorporating these stony steps may have following benefits:
  • Will be economical
  • Safe to enter and exit the pool
  • No requirement for assisting your dog every time he needs a splash
  • Create more than one access point for your water loving canines.
  • Clean the pond regularly to prevent mosquito infestation.
  • Even though your engineering skills may be worth appreciating, take professional help for installing the pre-formed pool. (Unless you yourself are an engineer)
  • Some canine-safe plants around the pond will give a perfect aura to it.

In all, it is a cool idea to install a dog pool in the backyard to give some relief to your pets from the scorching sun. Follow the basic method of making a pre-formed pool and select the best location to install it. This could be a gift to your furry friends for this summer. Take care of the above mentioned tips and you may install a perfect pool for your perfect pooch! Enjoy the splash!