5 Prominent Signs of Heart Disease in Dogs

By | April 28, 2017

heart disease in dogs

Heart disease is one of the worst things that can ever hit your pet. The cardiovascular system is implausibly intricate and contains several organs and bio-chemical procedures that need to work in unison to keep the doggy healthy. When this intricate system starts to malfunction, there are gradual or sudden changes in the pet. Hence, it is extremely critical to detect the disease in an early stage, since it determines how well and long your pet lives after diagnosis.

Let us now look at some of the prominent signs of heart disease in dogs:

Top Signs Of Heart Disease In Dogs

Elevated Respiratory Rate

The most subtle, but reliable sign is swifter than the usual respiratory rate during rest. This can be very difficult to notice, if you are not looking for it. In case, you are aware that your doggy is suffering from a heart problem and know he might be facing a crisis in future, your veterinarian would recommend you to learn about the normal character and breathing rate at rest, so that you can recognize the problem in the future. If you find swift, shallow breaths or a typical swift rate of breathing during rest or even while the pet is active, it could signify declining heart function and a reason to visit the veterinarian.


When a doggy is suffering from cough, the very first thing that your veterinarian checks in your doggy is a heart problem. The cough might be visible in the form of dry, hacking form that might seem that your tyke is gagging after coughing. There are certain dog owners who describe it as if their pet is trying to hack up the hairball at the end of the coughing spell, or it can be in the form of an episodic cough. So, in case, your doggy develops a cough for any reason, especially when it has been told that your pet has a heart murmur, an immediate veterinarian assistance would be required. Remember, if your dog has a known heart murmur and he coughs, it means that it is time to meet the veterinarian.

Getting Tired, Very Quickly

While taking your pooch for a walk, you observe that he does not want to walk the usual mile and sits and pants it is a signal that he is tiring way to soon. This is termed as “poor exercise tolerance” by the veterinarians. There can be different reasons for lack of exercise, but weakening of the heart muscle from the heart disease is on the top list. It needs to be investigated thoroughly. Regardless of the reason, remember that it is not normal for a doggy to tire soon so immediate medical check-up would be advisable.


Due to the heart disease, the heart muscle gets weakened that can cause poor forward flow of blood, that can result in fluid buildup in the belly. This results in instant or gradual onset of potbellied appearance. It can also happen due to other reasons, but you will have to take the pet to the veterinarian for thorough examination. The potbelly structure would be coupled with lack of appetite and muscle mass loss, even though the doggy might seem to be getting larger.


A very less common, but more atrocious sign of heart problems in dog is fainting. This can even look as if the furry companion is facing seizures, while getting excited. This can be very scary to look as a dog owner. The surprising thing is that the pet can recuperate swiftly from the episode. If you find this type of incidence with your doggy, rush to your veterinarian immediately.

We wish that your fur baby does not have to go through this tough ordeal. But, it is better to know the signs of heart disease in dogs, so that you take him to the veterinarian, and get the disease treated at the earliest. In the meantime, ensure that you administer essential dog supplies to your fur baby on a regular basis, to keep him fit and fine for his entire lifespan.

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