5 Signs That Show Your Dog Needs Exercise

By | July 9, 2018


With fast-paced lives and ultra-modern diets, our Fidos are getting obese and we don’t even realize that unless the flab under their belly is prominently visible. Our sedentary lifestyle has also made our pets less active. Dogs that use to run and chase other dogs in the park are now confined to the laps of their owners. It is completely obvious that we love our furry munchkins and we make sure he is fed well. But, sadly we often forget to keep his calories in check, failing to get him the much needed physical activity. Dogs are meant to romp and get an adrenaline rush with intensity workouts. When they are not given the proper amount of exercise, they become fat and often exhibit behavioral changes. Thus it is extremely important that he gets enough exercise every day. Here are some signs that indicate your dog needs some activity sessions.

  1. Visibly Fat Or Bulging Belly

The most obvious sign of being overweight is belly fat. A normal sized dog must have a tapered belly. You should be able to feel his bones easily if you touch his neck, ribs, abdomen or hips. If the case is not so, it means he needs to burn calories.

  1. Darting In the House

Dogs get hyperactive when they don’t get enough exercise to burn their energy. You can see him racing all the time as if he has to lead the marathon. Lack of adequate activity level tends to cause such behavior in dogs.

  1. Aggressive and Destructive

If you see your dog chewing shoes, pillows or furniture it certainly means he is bored and needs physical activity. They scratch or dig things to relieve themselves out of inactivity. This kind of destructive behavior often leads to aggression thereby causing harm to kids, other pets, and family members. Therefore, exercise is necessary for your Fido to keep him sane.

  1. Excessive Barking And Whining

Barking and whining are signs that the dog wants your attention and is conveying you to take him out for some activity or play with him so as to burn off excess energy. The obvious reason is, he is bored and want to get into action mode.

  1. Isolation Or Withdrawal

Some dogs tend to withdraw themselves from others when they feel a lack of exercise and playtime. They show reluctance to run and play when they don’t get their sessions routinely. Sometimes this reluctance is also associated with lack of balance due to fat deposition in joints. In this case, you must try to get him checked immediately and also start with gentle exercises that will pump up his heart without hurting his knees.

These 5 signs are warning signals that your four-legged warrior isn’t fit enough and want to burn out his muscles with full throttle. Lack of physical activity also leads to boredom and depression in dogs, therefore make sure you spend quality time involving him in some physically challenging workouts. Although, do not resort to strenuous workouts initially. Be gentle with him and give him some nice stretches and run with him. Running is the best exercise for your dog to stay fit.

So, if your Fido seems lethargic, gear him up and get going now!

For increasing mobility in dogs, you can feed them supplements apart from giving a well-balanced diet. But do not fail to get him on his toes every day.