Celebrate President’s Day By Remembering The Importance Of Dogs In The Life Of George Washington

By | February 17, 2017

Celebrate President's Day by Remembering the Importance of Dogs

This President’s Day, it is important to remember a person who was one of the iconic images in the Revolutionary War and who was the pillar on which our country stands today – George Washington. Such was his contribution that till date we celebrate his legacy on this Day. But did you know that a major reason for his success was his love for the beloved canine companions? It was the dogs that assisted him to be the man we recognize today.

During his early part of his life, George was good in science, mathematics and literature , but he also had the knowledge of animal husbandry. This was not limited to livestock. He was an avid hunter who used to take along a great type of hound on his morning travels. He finally diverted his attention to breeding dogs – producing a new one famed as Virginia Hounds.  Washington had a deep interest in dogs and that was evident with the names that he gave to some of his dogs like Venus, Music, Truelove, and Lady.

During his early twenties, he commenced his career in the army thus his passion to work with dogs was put on hold. He gained the competency of being a skilled military leader. Later he married and returned to Mt. Vernon before settling down to a relaxing life of farming and breeding hounds thus attaining success in both the pursuits.

Remembering Importance Of Dogs In Life Of George Washington

He had great passion for dogs which was evident from the fact that George was elected to represent a colony as a representative at the recently formed Continental Congress which needed him to travel to Philadelphia without his family and dogs. But he took one of his best-loved dogs with him, a hound named Sweet Lips. With the aid of this doggy, he made his presence felt in the inner circle of the colonies’ influential leaders – these people assisted him to reach great heights in his career.

importance of dogs for george washington
During the American Revolution, Washington’s direct adversary, William Howe, a commander of British troops was at the brink of victory. He had already achieved crucial victories like capturing New York in 1777 which had Washington on the defensive. During the battle of German town, the Continental army was lessened against the British advance.

Soldiers saved a small dog who was found unsupervised on the front lines. It was later discovered that the dog had a collar that suggested that his owner was no one else than General Howe. They immediately took him to George Washington. But in a remarkable gesture, Washington cleansed and gave food to the hungry animal and then ordered to cease-fire and returned the doggy to his owner with a note.

After that Howe showed restraint towards Washington’s army despite having opportunities to defeat them. After some time Howe resigned from the position to show his compassion for the decision made by George to return the dog. Howe’s less competent replacement was defeated and Washington became the victor. After that, he returned to Mt. Vernon and endured to breed hounds. He perfected another new breed American foxhounds that are popular till date.

Celebrate George Washington Day With Dogs

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