Do Dogs Enjoy Music? Is Music Pleasing To Their Ears?

By | June 26, 2020

Music is said to be the most calming source that can help relax and relieve stress. There is nothing that musical note or a tone cannot do! It soothes our senses; it elicits positivity, strength, and happiness in a soothing way. Music is what makes us groove and nod our head in synchronization to the lyrics. We tend to enjoy music, during our mundane daily chores, while walking, while sleeping, while doing almost everything. Interestingly, not only us but our furry buddy also like listening to music, they also slip into tranquility and feel ecstatic, listening to different genres of music. There is a certain kind of music that evokes a wave of serenity, while the others charge them up. It is said that music has the power to change your furry pal’s mood from cranky to calm. But can actually dog listen to music, and if yes, then what kind of music do they really derive pleasure from? 

Remains unanswered; let us delve deep into the Dog World to figure this out.

Yes, our furry pals do enjoy music as much as we do! Do we often wonder how can dogs enjoy listening to music? Do they have that much sense to understand the musical notes? Well, the answer is dogs tend to enjoy music too; it acts as a healer for some dogs who have anxiety often from the external elements or due to some reasons unknown; for some, it puts them to sleep, easing their soul. They often stand and roam around but as soon as you turn on their favorite music, they start lying down, they escape into the melody.

Do Dogs Derive Pleasure From Music?

They also wish to listen to their favorite music on the loop; they enjoy the music even though they might not understand the depth of it. Dog parents usually play music while their dogs are engaged in some activities such as training, putting them to sleep, when they are feeding, bathing their dogs, etc. Music diverts their attention from the activities they do not like and shifts their attention, while at times it brings happiness and your furry pal will start barking when they would want to appreciate it.

What Kind of Music Dogs Like?

There are different kinds of music that different dogs enjoy. The most prominent genre is classical music; it eases your dog and calms down their nervous system. It soothes them and relaxes them. It is observed that their heartbeat lowers down, which indicates that they are at ease. Dogs tend to spend their time moving to and fro usually, but when classical music is played, they slowly and gradually start sitting and lying down. It brings a wave of calmness in them. However, different music induces different kinds of responses in them, for instance when they enjoy they will bark.

On the other hand, “When playing heavy metal songs, dogs became agitated and started barking up a storm”. Says psychologist, Deborah Wells. Heavy metallic songs increase their heartbeats, which may signify anxiety in some cases and excitement in others.

 Some dogs find a genre soothing whereas others who find the genre agitating. Mostly when soft music such as instrumental is played, dogs become even more relaxed. The soft instrumental music relaxes them mentally and physically, as a result, they retire to sleep peacefully. 

Music is the way to your furry pal’s soul, so as a dog parent you should always know what kind of music, and which genre brings what effect on him/her. So, the right type of music can be used appropriately on your pooch.