Dog Expressions – You Won’t Forget To Enjoy This Christmas

By | December 1, 2017
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Dog Expressions During Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away and there is already excitement building on. The fervor of Christmas is gripping our life and making this world, a happier place to live. Surely, the celebration of Christmas is incomplete without cherishing the golden moments you had with your furry pal, during the year.

At BestVetCare, our team as a part of the Christmas celebration brings out some of the cutest behavior of pets, which every pet parent might have experienced and enjoyed. Let’s take a look to cherish those great expressions made by your pet.

Pets Enjoying Christmas Celebration

1. When Your Furry Pal Makes That Eye Contact

Pets Make Eye ContactYou all have experienced that! It is said that eyes are windows of the soul. That’s the part of the body that never lies. The message conveyed through eyes has the power to go deep in our hearts with ever-lasting impact.  The same is true when a pet looks at his master with those beautiful eyes.

It’s a kind of coded message, loaded with great feelings that only the master and his little comrade can understand. Feeling of trust, care and a belief, that his master would protect him.

2. Your Pet Following You Around

Pet Following You Around

Pets, particularly dogs are man’s best friend. They are the species, which has bonded with humans the most, over several thousand years. You as a pet parent might have experienced that they at times, follow you even to the bathrooms. They have a tendency not to let you go away from their eyes.

Another aspect which we can be learnt from that trait is that no matter what the circumstances are they will be around you. If, the path is once chosen by the master, the little comrade will follow him at all odds.

3. The Cute Tail Wagging Of Your Pet

tail wagging during christmas

Although tail wagging does not always mean that the pet is showing signs of happiness or he is relaxed, it can be because of some fear or insecurity. But, in the current context, you might have seen your pet wagging his tail when you present him his favorite toy to play or a chewing object to exercise his mouth tissues.

4. Dog Expression: When Caught Him Red Handed

Caught Pet Red Handed

This is really funny and tells us a great deal about dog’s mischievousness. Often at night when the whole world is sleeping, your pet might be in the role of Sherlock Homes exploring your kitchen. The expression he gives you in the middle of the night leaves you spellbound and thoughtless.

You are left with no idea whether to scold him or pour love on him for that innocent expression.

5. When My Dog Smiles

Dog Smiles

Yes, dogs do smile, though you must know how he smiles. You must have heard of the quote ‘we all laugh in the same language’. But, dogs, they are unique creatures who at times gives facial expression that resembles a smile but actually they may be conveying something else. So task for you is to find out in which language does your furry pal smiles?

Dog Expressions During Christmas

The behavior or the expressions of a dog is unique in the sense that it has a lot to do with the behavior of the pet parent. A pet becomes an adopted child of the pet parent and many a times resembles the behavior of his master.

We, at BestVetCare, cherish all such pet behavior and hope that the best pet moments are yet to come in your life.

Merry Christmas To All Pet Parents !

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