Educate Yourselves On The Significance Of Responsible Dog Ownership Day

By | September 6, 2017

celebrating dog ownershipday

With great power comes great responsibility and with sweet four-legged doggies comes a much greater responsibility of their health, happiness and safety. Their life is a one hundred percent your responsibility, so plan accordingly.

“Responsibility Educates.” – Wendell Phillips.

Standing up to the above quote isn’t as easy as it sounds. When you take up someone’s responsibility, you have to make yourself aware of all the possible threats they must be kept away from and what are the things that makes them elated. On the occasion of Responsible Ownership Day, you must remind yourself to adhere to the promises you made to give a contended life to your pooch. Opting to do the right thing by adhering to those promises and become a responsible dog-parent is the best you did.

A study recently revealed certain points that need to be adhered to if you are an awesome dog parent. These will give your pooches a warm, contended, fit and secured life.

Ways To Celebrate Responsible Dog Ownership Day

celebrates responsible dog ownership day

1. Spaying and Neutering

Dog parents must know about spaying and neutering process. For those who are not aware about what does spay and neuter means, these are the procedures to control population of pets. Moreover, it ensures a healthy and elongated life for the pets. Spaying prevents various urinary infections while neutering prevents cancer and other health hazards.

2. Micro chip the dog

To ensure the security of your pet, always get them micro-chipped. Now a days, just tagging an ID on the dog’s collar is not enough for their safety. If your dog by mistake gets lost, anyone has the liberty to remove the collar and you might never find him again. To avoid any serious repercussions like this, micro chipping is the best way to safeguard the pooches. Digitalization is an integral part of our lives today, so consult your vet and get your doggy micro-chipped.

3. Annual health checkup

Celebrating Responsible Dog Ownership Day
Never compromise with the health of your pooch. No matter if you think he is perfectly fine; still take him for an annual veterinarian examination. All the signs of infections and diseases are not necessarily deciphered from the dog’s behavior. Internal health speaks a lot about the fitness of the pooch. The vet will perform all sorts of tests on the dog and hand over the results. If your pooch is doing well, then just routine flea, tick preventatives and heartworm treatment will keep going on. If the vet has any new findings, then he’ll suggest some new treatments or change in diet accordingly.

4. Keep ready the first-aid box always

For any sort of emergency, natural or unnatural you must keep a dog’s first aid ready. While travelling it is also handy to carry a first aid with all the necessary treatment and precautions. Food, water, wound care treatments and other essentials must be stocked in the emergency box at all times.

Responsibility is a big word not just in the means of number of letters but the depth that the word carries is huge. Being a responsible parent is not to show to the world of your good deeds but to provide a healthy and contended life for another being i.e. your doggy.