Heartgard Plus for Dogs – Best Way to Keep Your Dog’s Heart Healthy

By | January 12, 2015

Heartgard Plus for Dogs

A loving puppy is a blessing in disguise. He gives you boundless love in return of your time, care and concern. He would fill up the void in your life and stay as your best friend until the end of life. It would not be an exaggeration to say that pups have the most beautiful heart. They only know how to give unconditional love. In return, it is the duty of their human friend to take care of these furry pals.

There are many threats to a dog’s life. Parasites like fleas, ticks, lice are external worms while heartworms and intestinal worms are the internal pests that cause major diseases in dogs. The worms infect various organs of the pet and damage them. This results in general weakness, stomach problems, heart diseases etc. Anemia, lethargy, jaundice, diarrhea are some of the diseases caused by worms.

How to deal with worms in dogs?
Worms are an inevitable part of any dog’s life. These crawling insects need to be dealt with treatments and preventives. The finest way to combat worms in dogs is to prevent them. Treatment is not only expensive to the owner but also painful for the pet. Thus, every pet parent should choose to prevent parasites in dogs. In short, prevention is the way to get rid of all kinds of worms in dogs.

Prevention is always better than cure:
Preventing worms in dogs is equal to nailing down the cropping problem. Online and walk-in stores are flooded with dog worm preventive treatments. You can find them in topical (spot-on) or oral (tablet) forms. Ask a vet to get the best heartworm and intestinal worm preventives for your pet. Talking about heartworms, you must know that these pests may prove fatal for your pet. Heartworm preventives are used to save the pet from an unwanted death.

Reasons for choosing heartworm preventives for dogs:
Heartworms damage the pet’s heart in a tacit manner. You will not find any symptoms until the worms get mature. These worms take around six to seven months to show the signs of their existence. Few months are enough for the worms to damage the heart of the infected dog. This arouses a pressing need for the pet parents to deal with heartworms in a proactive manner.

Firstly, you must get your pet checked for an existing heartworm infection. If the pet is not infected then start preventives like Heartgard Plus. These preventives destroy the larval stages of worms and prevent them from developing into adult form. As they break the life cycle of heartworms, the pet is saved from damage caused by adult heartworms.

Reasons for choosing Heartgard Plus for dogs:
Heartgard Plus is a delicious chewable tablet with beefy flavor. A monthly chew is enough to prevent worms that target your pet’s heart. Administered in accordance with the weight of the pet, these chews can be given all year round. When given regularly, these chews will keep heartworms away from your pet. The best part is pets would love the taste of these chews and would take it as a treat.

To sum up, the best way to save your pet from internal parasites is to give them preventives on a regular basis. These chews or spot-on treatments save the pet from deadly diseases. They also save the pet from debilitation and other probable health hazards. Thus, parasite preventives prove to be an elixir for any the pet’s health. So, use them to keep your pet fit and fine.

Use of parasite preventives like Heartgard Plus is the best way to save the pet from deadly heartworms and diseases caused by these worms. Use these tasty chews to save your pet not only from diseases but also from death.