Nexgard for Dogs-An Ultimate Solution For Fleas and Ticks

By | July 7, 2020

Fleas and ticks in pets have always been a major cause of concern for pet parents. They are stubborn, feisty, traumatic and ubiquitous and no other negative adjectives are enough to describe how dreadful fleas and ticks can be for your pets if left untreated. When a dog gets fleas or ticks, it all starts with unrelenting scratching then the symptoms may take a serious turn and cause severe flea and tick infestation. However, the availability of a myriad of fleas and tick treatments and preventives has become a boon for pets and pet parents. The only task all the pet parents need to tackle is to choose the right flea and tick treatment for your Fido.

Well, Nexgard is the ultimate solution to combat fleas and ticks from your pet. If you want something safe for your pets along with longevity and quality then Nexgard Chewables are the best. Let’s know why. 

Nexgard for Dogs-The Best Treatment for Fleas and Ticks

Manufactured by Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim, Nexgard is the best oral treatment that kills fleas and ticks. It comes in a beef-flavored chewable that eliminates adult fleas even before they can lay eggs. The chewable treats and controls 4 types of ticks including Lone-star tick, American dog tick and deer tick, Brown dog tick infestations from dogs. Powered with an enhanced technique, Nexgard provides entire month protection from fleas and ticks and safeguards dogs from flea re-infestations. The chewables are highly effective on dogs as it kills fleas before they have a chance to lay eggs and also protects him from developing fatal tick-borne diseases.

The monthly treatment comes in beef-flavored soft chews which are formulated to be highly palatable which in turn makes it easy to administer to dogs. It comes in four different pack sizes according to the weight of the dog. Each color-code packs comes in 3 or 6 beef-flavored chews.

What is the most important thing to know about Nexgard?

Afoxolaner is the most important thing to know about Nexgard. Afoxolaner is an active ingredient through which Nexgard has such strong efficacy on fleas and ticks. Nexgard contains a powerful ingredient called Afoxolaner which is an insecticide and acaricide used for the treatment and prevention of flea infestation. Moreover, it also treats and controls tick infestation in dogs and puppies. Afoxolaner attacks the central nervous system of the flea and ticks by sending them to hyperexcitation which results in uncontrolled activity and death. The ingredient is released slowly as per the metabolic activities of your pet thereby providing protection to them for 30 days. 

The dosage of Nexgard is very simple for pet parents to understand. Nexgard is available in 4 sizes of beef-flavored chews.

4-10 lbsAdminister one chew
10.1-24 lbsAdminister one chew
24.1-60 lbsAdminister one chew
60.1-121 lbsAdminister one chew
Over 121 lbsAdminister a combination of chewable appropriate to weight.

The Benefits of Nexgard

  • Nexgard is a vet recommended flea and tick treatment for dogs.
  • Provides protection from fleas and ticks for one month.
  • It quickly starts killing fleas and eliminates 99% fleas within 8 hours of administration.
  • It treats and controls Black-legged tick, American dog tick, lone star tick and brown dog tick infestation for dogs and puppies. 
  • Nexgard can be safely given to all breeds of dogs.
  • Easy to administer tasty beef-flavored chews.
  • Safe for dogs and puppies 8 weeks and older.
  • It is a non-messy treatment and doesn’t require separating the dog from family members or other pets after treatment.
  • Your dog can swim or bath right after administering the chews as it does not wash off and remains effective.
  • Nexgard can be used along with a heartworm preventive.

Nexgard has proven to potentially powerful flea and tick treatment and prevention for dogs. By using Afoxolaner as the active ingredient, Merial has introduces this beef-flavored soft chews which even the fussy dogs love to gulp in. The chewables can be given to the dog even without meals. The studies also show that it is very effective in preventing Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. While other fleas and tick treatments can be messy and not so preferred by your dog, Nexgard is loved by dogs due to its palatable flavor and it is vet recommended flea and tick treatment for dogs. 

Many of the pet parents have been using Nexgard for dogs for a longer period and they find it to be the best and trustworthy product for their dogs. Therefore, to concretize the efficacy of Nexgard here’s what pet parents have reviews about the product at BestVetCare.

Pet Parents Reviews about Nexgard Chewable for Dogs

My Dog Has No Issues

Bye-bye to the topical solutions that made treating my dog havoc. These chewable are so easy to administer and my dogs have no problem with that.


My Dog Thinks It Is A Treat

The product is very effective on my furry pal and he gulps it easily by thinking it to be a treat.


Convenient Product

Nexgard provides protection from fleas and ticks for an entire month which is really convenient.


Kills Fleas & Ticks

This product not only treats fleas but also kills ticks. So, I do not have to use different products to treat different parasites.


Works Great

Nexgard comes with many perks for my pooch as he loves to consume this due to its beef flavored taste. Moreover, it also protects my dog for 30 days.