Pre Travel Checklist For Pet Owners During This Holiday Season

By | November 30, 2016

Traveling With Pets During The Holiday Season

This holiday season is your perfect opportunity to take time out of work, hop on a flight or jump in the car and visit relatives you have not seen in ages. By traveling together, your immediate family also gets adequate time to spend with each other which usually does not happen. However, there are certain family members that make your life happiest and most lovable: your pets.

Irrespective of whether it is your furry cat or your energetic pup you cannot possibly ignore those sad looking eyes and dropping them off at an alternative home. This is done for their own safety and to make their travel easier. But now it is possible to bring your pet along for the holidays. Let us look at some of the pre-travel pet tips that will aid in making your journey a wonderful experience:

tips on traveling with pets during holiday seasons

Checklist For Traveling With Pets During The Holiday Season

Book An Appointment With The Vet

Before embarking on the journey, it is advised to scrutinize your pet for sickness and up to date vaccinations approximately two weeks before the journey. Also, ask your veterinarian for a dated health certificate just in case you get into any trouble with your pet like him getting sick or biting someone.

Put A Collar ID On Your Pet’s Neck

Always double-check and triple-check that your pet has an ID tag attached to his or her collar. The ID tags should contain useful information like the name, cell phone and information about the destination you are traveling. You also need to mention the details of your pet’s crate or carrier.

Pack Accordingly

Ensure that you have extra food and a collapsible bowl for water and food ready every time. It should be according to the place you are traveling and the type of pet you have.

Bring Calming Remedies

It is important for your pet to feel at home when you are traveling with him. The idea is to get his favorite blankets, treats and toys along. An interesting thing would be to carry lavender oil to rub between your hands and apply it as a massage to your furry pal.

Give Smart Pre-Travel Meals

It is important to feed your pet approximately four to six hours before the actual travel. This will aid in preventing stomach issues from any sort of motion sickness. If the meal is not given on time, ensure that the pet is hydrated during the journey.

Know How To Travel Your Pet By Plane

Before traveling with your pet through the airplane, you need to register your pet with the airline promptly. Remember, air crafts can carry a limited amount of carriers on each flight. You are not the only one who is thinking about bringing your pet along for the holidays.

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