Solution For Keeping Your Dog’s Skin And Coat Healthy During Winter

By | February 7, 2017
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Keep your Dog's Skin from Getting Dry and Itchy During Winters

Winter is that time of the year when your furry pal’s skin dries out resulting in itchy mess. It means that your tyke scratches a lot. The problem is that there is cold and windy air outside while forced dry and hot air inside without any sign of moisture. So, the only resort for your poor furry pal is to scratch. We, humans can combat the problem of dry skin by applying moisture, but unfortunately our furry pals cannot do that. Hence, their skin becomes dry.

Let us now look at some of the easy solution that keeps your dog’s skin from getting dry and itchy during winters:

Keep Your Dog’s Skin And Coat Healthy During The Winter

Provide Plenty Of Water To Dog

Plenty Of Water for Dog

One of the basic things that you can ever do for your furry pal during the cold winters to ensure that they get plenty of water. Just because your doggy is not sweating does not mean that he should not get drinking water. Remember, dogs should get a minimum of one ounce of water per pound on an everyday basis. While cats need a minimum of two to four ounces on a daily basis. Also, ensure that the water bowl is clean with decreasing water level. You should provide filtered water as certain pets do not like the taste of “hard” water. You can also give wet food to your doggy along with fixing an automatic water fountain.

Run A Humidifier for Dog

Run A Humidifier for Dog

Just like dry hot air, dry cold air can also suck the moisture out of the skin. With the aid of humidifiers, it is possible to put the moisture right back in the air. It aids in resolving dry skin, sinus problems and even better sleep. The only downside of a humidifier is that you need to clean it and change the filter on a regular basis. If you do not do this, there would be yucky mold and bacteria floating around.

Bathe The Furry Pal On A Less Frequent Basis

Bath your Doggy

During winters, you can bathe your doggy less frequently as frequent baths can get rid of natural oils that keep the skin hydrated. While bathing the furry companion, utilize moisturizing shampoos coupled with ingredients encompassing oatmeal and Aloe Vera. Always use shampoos that are meant specifically to be used on dogs. You can even use a conditioning rinse specifically developed for the dry skin of the dog.

Brush Or Comb The Coat Of Your Doggy

Comb The Coat Of Your Doggy

Brush or comb the coat of your furry pal which will get rid of the dead cells and loosen the hair. Brushing also simulates hair follicles and the natural oils in the skin too.

Add Fatty Acid Supplement In Your Dog’s Diet

Fatty Acid Supplement In Your Dog's Diet

Ask your veterinarian whether you can integrate fish oil supplements to the dog’s diet for dry, itchy skin. The dog food should consist of the minimum daily requirements. But ensure that there is a high proportion of Omega 3 Fatty Acids that can enhance the skin of the dog coupled with other health benefits.

Once you follow these solutions, it will not only soothe your dog’s dry and itchy skin during winters, but also keep him fit and healthy. But, do remember that dry skin can also be a symptom of an infection, allergies, parasites or other condition. So, if the dry skin does not go away after using these solutions take him to the veterinarian.

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