10 Signs of Canine Cancer You Shouldn’t Ignore

By | January 18, 2019


The unprecedented growth of cells that can compromise a life is what is called ‘the deadly menace’ – CANCER. We cannot ignore the fact that cancer is a ruthless disease which cripples the body, eventually leading to the untimely death of the canine. Therefore, it is important to keep a check on our dogs for signs that may at times seem normal but can conclude to one of the symptoms of Canine Cancer. In fact, we rather need to be extra careful when it comes to canines because cancer in dogs grows way quicker than in humans. So, here are some signs that you must look out for in your dog so that he can be treated in the initial phase itself before it’s too late.

Swelling, Lumps or Bumps 

Lumps or bumps appear when there is extra cell growth in the body which may indicate the onset of cancer. So in case if you find any swelling in a body part of your dog, you must get him checked by the vet without delay.

Body Odours

Though dogs usually have pungent breathe but watch out, any unusual foul smell coming from his body openings like the nose, rectal area or mouth can be one of the symptoms of cancer.

Difficulty Swallowing or Eating

A tumor or lump in the neck can be the reason of this problem. If you see your dog has a problem eating then it’s time that you visit your vet.

Bleeding From Body Opening

Bleeding from mouth, nose or rectal openings are not natural. The reason could be either injury or some ailment in the body. So, if the bleeding seems to occur without any bodily injury, cancer could be the cause.

Loss of Appetite

Has your dog lost interest in his food?  Is he not been eating properly off late? Well, you must get him checked because the loss of appetite is a very common symptom of an ailment in the body and can be one of the reasons for underlying cancer.


Lethargy is normal when a body is dealing with a disease. When the cells grow inadvertently, they consume more energy to carry out body functions thus a dog who is suffering from a disease or cancer will show sluggishness or reluctance to perform any activity.

Respiratory Trouble

Lung cancer can cause breathing issues in dogs and thus must be tested if your dog has been coughing or wheezing since a while now. At times, a dog might even cough blood along with mucus. So, if you see these symptoms in your dog, make sure you rather visit your vet.

Unhealed Wounds or Sores

When a body is dealing with a disease like cancer, its immune mechanism slows down drastically and thus it may take months to heal a wound that would have been cleared within a few days normally. So, in case your dog has such wounds that don’t seem to heal it’s time you see your vet.

Cancer is a highly debilitating and conquering disease that gradually sucks the life out of its victim. It slowly spreads across the body, hampering and disrupting many internal body functions if left unchecked and may eventually lead to organ failures, immense blood loss, distorted mobility and cognitive failure in the body. Hence, it is important for pet parents to stay vigilant of their pet’s health and get him checked regularly by the vet to prevent this deadly disease before it sets foot in the pet’s body.

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