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Heartgard Plus – What Side Effects Can You Find with This Preventive Treatment

Side Effects of Heartgard Plus

Heartgard Plus is a widely used and the most popular heartworm preventive that most pet parents prefer to administer on their pets to protect and control heartworm infestation in them. This product from Merial is regarded as an excellent anthelmintic for treating heartworms. This oral preventive, which comes in chewable form, kills heartworm eggs in early stage and prevents the severe heartworm infestation. Prevention is the best method compared to treatment when it comes to heartworms. Therefore, most veterinarians recommend preventive measures for heartworm parasites in order to safeguard pet animals from this life-threatening disease. Continue reading

Why should I spay or neuter my pet? – Check the answer!

spay or neuter your pet

Are you having second thoughts about spaying or neutering your cat or dog? Do you feel the guilt of altering his or her natural tendencies? Well, if so then please make yourself free from that state of mind. In fact these procedures can make your pet healthier. This veterinary procedure is free of any kind of complications and requires very less time. Moreover, it is an affordable pet care treatment. If you still think that it is not healthy for your pet then let’s knows the procedures in detail. Continue reading

Possessive Dogs – Reward or Warning?


Dog owners give oodles of attention to their pet. In return, they get tons of attention from their furry best friend. They enjoy this attention to the fullest. This bonding is exaggerated when the pet becomes possessive of his owner. Most of the time, pet parents take it as a matter of pride. They consider it as extreme love from their furry child. Without sensing the underlying behavioral issue, they welcome this kind of an attitude of their pet. Continue reading

Dog Ear Infections – Causes, Treatments and Prevention

Dog Ear Infections

Pet parents often complain about frequent occurrence of ear infections in their pets. Pets are susceptible to ear problems, as they cannot control entry or exit of any foreign bodies into their ears. Their ears are susceptible to water, mites, bacteria, yeast, tumors and growing hair. All these are the causes of one or another type if ear infections in dogs. In addition, pet’s ears get affected by allergies, thyroid imbalance and earwax deposition. Continue reading

Diarrhea in Pets – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Diarrhea in Pets

Pets often go through the problem of loose and frequent stools. This problem is termed as diarrhea and it occurs due to many reasons. But something worth mentioning is that it is a process by which the immune system throws off germs, bacteria or foreign bodies that are not good for the pet’s body. Diarrhea in pets is quite common and is not a dreadful disease. When it stays for more than a day or two that is when it needs to be a cause of concern for pet parents.

Prolonged diarrhea results in dehydration and weakness in a pet. It is an indication of an underlying health problem, which needs to be addressed by a veterinarian. As a pet parent, you need to find out why your pet goes through these difficult times and need to get him treated without any delays. There can be several reasons for pets suffering for loose motions but you need to zero down on the exact cause and make sure to prevent it so that the pet remains healthy. Continue reading

Why Dogs Need Year Round Heartworm Preventive Medication

Why Dogs Need Year Round Heartworm Preventive Medication

It’s a common scenario with pet parents that at the start of every month they have a lot of to-do list to accomplish. Apart from their regular mortgage, bills, taxes and other things to pay, monthly flea and tick preventive is also included in the list, which many pet parents follow. However, there are those who ignore to treat their pets with heartworm preventive every month, which is utmost important and should be a part of monthly to-do list.

Dogs that do not receive heartworm medication are more likely to be infested with heartworm parasites leading to dangerous conditions. Example, in one medical case, a Labrador – a service dog has to undergo surgery due to some breakage in his shoulder but he had to be treated for heartworm before undergoing surgery. This states that how important heartworm treatment is.

Though heartworm disease is rare in most parts of United States, it does exist and infect the poor pets. On the contrary, we can say that there is no such place in the world, where these parasites do not exist. And, do remember that Heartworm is a serious disease.

As the name suggests, Heartworms are the dangerous parasites that dwell in the arteries connected to heart apart from heart too, sucking blood and multiplying in huge numbers. Residing here in the main organs, heartworms drastically damage the part and clog the blood vessels. Once a dog is heavily infested, he can suffer from acute lung damage, heart failure and respiratory distress.

Heartworm disease is spread by mosquitoes, and many pet owners are unknown of the fact that these mosquitoes can live indoors year round. Therefore, American Heartworm Society recommends year round heartworm preventive for all dogs. Nevertheless, during the warmer months, this disease is widely spread and presently it is a peak season, where your pets do really need protection.

Heartworm Treatments

If your pooch is diagnosed with heartworm disease, the most common treatment is through injections of arsenic based compounds. Compared to heartworm prevention, heartworm treatment is highly expensive with an added feature of side effects and complications arising. The worst part about this treatment is – the medications for heartworm is available rarely and most veterinarians find it difficult to get them if your pet has contracted heartworm. Therefore, American Society of Animal Health Care and veterinarians advise heartworm prevention, which is better than cure.

Pet owners should make it monthly habit year round to administer heartworm preventives to their dogs to safeguard them from this deadliest disease. Numerous medications are available in the market to protect your pets from these bloody parasites. Heartgard Plus is one of the widely used products to prevent this disease.

Heartgard Plus strongly protects your pooch from this dangerous disease. Apart from controlling heartworm infection, this medication is also useful in treating roundworms, which most commonly infest dog’s intestines. Roundworm infestation causes diarrhea, vomiting and other serious complications. Puppies are more vulnerable to gastrointestinal infection compared to adult dogs, as they are infested through their mothers during birth.

Therefore, it is overall important to treat your pets with heartworm preventive such that you can help them fight not only against heartworms but also from roundworms and other intestinal worm infection.

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Want To Know Method of Brushing Cat’s Teeth – Here’s how!

Cat Teeth Care

Dental hygiene is often an overlooked aspect in cat care. Pet parents give attention to their kitty’s skin & coat, paws, ears and eyes but leave aside her teeth. Fleas and mites attack cat’s skin and ears and thus draw attention quite easily. But, teeth remain out of notice as routine symptoms like bad breath or lethargy do not raise an alarm in us.

Teeth and dental care is important as when neglected it actually results in painful chronic diseases. The finest way to keep your pet’s teeth healthy is to brush them regularly. Next big thing is the food you give to your kitty. Make sure you give food that does not damage her teeth or gums. A dirty mouth is a cause of several diseases in cats. Continue reading

Signs that your Pet Pooch is Happy or Not

Signs that your Pet Pooch is Happy or Not

Are you curious to know whether your dog is happy or not? Is your pet’s joy the most precious thing for you? Does you pooch’s tacit signals make you confuse about his state of mind? If this is the case and you do not know whether your pet is happy or simply anxious then the answer is straight here. If you are clueless about whether your pet is happy or not then there are some simple pointers that will help you gauge your pet’s mood. Continue reading