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By | August 27, 2014
Side Effects of Heartgard Plus

Heartgard Plus is a widely used and the most popular heartworm preventive that most pet parents prefer to administer on their pets to protect and control heartworm infestations in them. This product from Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim is regarded as one of the best anthelmintic solutions for preventing heartworms. This oral preventive, which comes in a chewable form kills heartworm eggs at its earlier stage and prevents severe heartworm infestations. When it comes to heartworms, prevention is the best method compared to its treatment. Therefore, most veterinarians recommend preventive measures for heartworm parasites in order to safeguard pets from this life-threatening and very fatal disease.

However, most pet owners are not aware that along with many of its benefits, there are a few side effects attached to this product. With thorough analysis, research along with veterinarians’ opinions, our editors have tried to unveil some facts related to the side effects of Heartgard Plus. Though Heartgard plus worming treatment is very effective in preventing heartworm infection in pets, when given from an earlier stage, it does pose some pretty serious dangers to pets.

The Possible Side Effects of Heartgard Plus for Dogs

The side effects in Heartgard Plus will fluctuate from one dog to another. Thus, below are the possible side effects your dog can encounter while being on a Heartgard Plus preventative schedule.

Digestive Problems

Dogs and puppies above six weeks of age can experience some gastrointestinal problems due to Heartgard Plus. The treatment of Heartgard Plus can cause digestive issues like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Though these health conditions are minor, they still need to be adhered to.

Behavioral Problems

This problem arises in case of overdose. According to Heartgard-Heartworm.com, pets may experience behavioral problems when they have overdosed. This occurs when a dog or young puppy is administered more than the standard dose that has been instructed on the pack. Due to overdose, dogs may lose their coordination as well as their balance. Moreover, canines that are more sensitive to the active ingredients Ivermectin and Pyrantel face a lot more anxiety problems. They may even experience depression and loss of interest in routine activities that they would normally perform. Some dogs even demonstrate verbalization like crying or whining. Most of them may show agitation against their owners as well.

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Physical Problems

Perhaps the only major side effect on this list, physical problems can arise when the treatment does not match. In such scenarios, dogs may even salivate excessively. Some of them might even experience low body temperatures and Hypothermia as well. Heartgard Plus may cause conditions like seizures, tremors, and shaking too. Moreover, some dogs may even turn blind or weak. Some dog breeds including collies are more sensitive to this type of treatment; therefore, it is good to treat them under veterinarian’s care.

Dogs that have been under heartworm prevention may develop hind leg paralysis. They may show signs of disorientation, irritation, and lack of coordination. Some of the side effects may also include stumbling, running into the walls or furniture, and at the worst – paralysis.

To be on the safer side, you should always get a routine vet check-up of your pooch. Find out whether your pet is allergic to Heartgard Plus or is sensitive to its ingredients. Proper diagnosis in advance can definitely help you safeguard your furry friend from unwanted side effects of Heartgard Plus monthly heartworm chewable treatment.

Though Heartgard plus may have side effects but when given under proper veterinary guidance to your pooch, it can protect him from even the deadliest heartworms.

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The Benefits of Heartgard Plus Chewables

Despite all the flak Heartgard Plus might receive, it is still one of the best monthly heartworm preventative treatments available for dogs. Moving on, before you jump the gun and have second thoughts about this heartwarmer, take a look at the many benefits it possesses.

  • Powerful monthly heartworm preventative
  • Only real-beef chew heartworm preventative
  • Efficiently prevents heartworm disease
  • Controls and cures pre-existing hookworms and roundworms
  • Prevents heartworm larvae from developing into adult heartworms
  • Strives at keeping the dog’s heart and lungs healthy and damage-free
  • Suitable for puppies and dogs over the age of 6 weeks
  • Extremely easy to administer chewable treatment

Heartgard v/s Heartgard Plus

Heartgard Plus, the upgraded version of Heartgard, is a better and more advanced heartwarmer for dogs. Let us compare both the products and see the difference.

Heartgard v/s Heartgard Plus

From the above-given table, we can clearly see that Heartgard Plus does triple the work than Heartgard and contains an extra active ingredient as well. Due to this, the advanced version of Heartgard, i.e. Heartgard Plus, is a well-renowned heartworm preventative for dogs and young puppies.

Note: This information is for awareness. It is not intended to disregard the treatment of heartworm with Heartgard Plus treatment. Please take your vet’s advice when starting or discontinuing a heartworm preventive treatment for your four-legged friend.