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Save Big Bucks This Memorial Day- 10% Off On Pet Supplies At BestVetCare


Visiting war memorials is the common ritual performed by the Americans on the Memorial Day. But are these gentlemen the only ones that have battled for the nation? Right from the civil war, our soldiers were and are accompanied by the most loyal animals of the world, Dogs. Let’s have a look at some of the bravest pooches that put their paw prints on the country’s freedom and battles:

  1. Sallie- Civil War
  2. Stubby- World War I
  3. Chips- World War II
  4. Smoky- World War II
  5. Benny- The Iraq War
  6. Cena- Afghanistan

It is amazing how these pawed friends contribute to our lives, be it domestic or a war front. To celebrate the bravery of these furry pals that put their lives at stake for us, BestVetCare has announced a site wide sale of 10% on all pet supplies.

BestVetCare- At a glance

BestVetCare has received lots of love and a great deal of response from the pet parents for a year now. In a short amount of time, it has reached the popularity and is now known among the pet parents for its discounted prices. BVC has a huge range of products for cats, dogs and racing pigeons. Pet parents can shop to their heart’s content from the wide rack of flea and tick treatments, heartwormers, wormers, dental care, wound care products and much more. These additionally trimmed prices at BVC on the Memorial Day sale can be the best opportunity to stock on your pet supplies.

How this 10% sale will help to maintain your budget?

  • BestVetCare is traditionally opted destination for pet parents looking for low prices on pet supplies. The products sold by BVC are already at a much slashed price.
  • The authentic brands that are available on other sites or over the counter are sold at much higher rates than at BVC. BestVetCare offers branded products at half the price of OTC.
  • Along with this benefit of low prices , BestVetCare offers 10% off on all the products on this Memorial Day, which is a clear buck saving offer.
  • You may not even have to spend a single penny on the shipping of your order. The Memorial Day sale may be the best budget manager for pet supplies this year.

In all, this Memorial Day, BestVetCare wishes to contribute to these loyal and brave dogs that stand through our thick and thin by this big save of 10% on all pet supplies. Stock up on your pet supplies with a huge benefit of the Memorial Day sale at BestVetCare!


How to Deal With Heartworms This Summer?

With summers just around the corner, pets may need an intensive care.  The humid and warm weather of summers induces parasitic as well as heartworm infestation in canines. According to the studies of Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), heartworm infections are prevalent in all the 50 states of the U.S. Pets of South eastern states are affected the most by this infection. To prevent heartworm infestation, veterinarians recommend using heartwormers for dogs throughout the year.

Symptoms Heartworms

Let’s catch some important details regarding heartworms and its preventive options that could protect your furry friends this summer!

Why are heartwormers necessary in summers?

Heartworms are transmitted to dogs through a bite of the mosquito that has already been to an infected host. The temperate and humid atmosphere of summers creates a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes that spread the heartworm larvae from infected dogs. Around late February and early March, female heartworms release massive amounts of larvae which are then carried to another host by mosquitoes. If your poodle is not on a continuous heartworm preventive, they may have to face some serious health issues in this season. If your canine gets infected with heartworms, he may show these signs: lethargy, coughing, decreased to no appetite, fever, and nosebleeds.

Heartworm infection may not show these signs initially. It may happen that you find about the infestation after many months. Summers have the maximum possibilities of the larva transfer through mosquitoes. To keep your furry friend away from this lethal infection, vets recommend treating them with heartwormers for dogs every month. Before starting any preventive treatment, it is necessary to get your canine checked up for heartworm infection. It is advisable to start with these treatments only if your pooch has no trace of heartworms in them.

How to shield your furry friends from Heartworm infection?

The simplest and safest way to protect your pawed friends from this lethal infection and its diseases is to keep them on heartwormers all around the year, even in a cold weather. There are two types of heartworm preventives in the market: topical solutions and chewables. Let’s talk about both types of preventives!

  • Topical Heartwormers

The most trusted and recommended topical heartwormers for dogs are Revolution and Advantage multi, also known as Advocate. Revolution and Advocate for dogs, both are potent enough to prevent your pooch from heartworms as well as other parasites like fleas, ticks, ear mites, lice and sarcoptic mange. Both are water proof treatments that combat several parasites for an entire month. These preventives are capable enough to eliminate the juvenile stages of parasites. If your canine is fine with topical solutions, these topical solutions can be the best option as you may not need to buy separate treatments for heartworms and other parasites like fleas and ticks.

  • Oral Heartwormers

Some pets are fussy about topical solutions because of their foul smell. If you want to escape the mess of spot-on treatments, you can choose oral heartwormers like Heartgard Plus for dogs and Interceptor. Both treatments are easier to administer to dogs with their enticing beefy flavor. Interceptor can shield your friend from heartworms and all the intestinal worms like roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms. While Heartgard Plus do not terminate tapeworms and whipworms in dogs. In case of more than one canine, it is recommended to go with oral treatments if they are playful and cannot be separated as you may need to separate pets after the application of spot-on treatments.

For a pet parent, summers can be the most difficult time with the fledging parasitic infestation in dogs. It is inevitable to provide a thorough protection to your furry friends from heartworms. Choose a suitable heartwormer for your pooch to keep your pets safe from heartworms and its diseases.