5 Simple Ways To Relieve Dog From Ear Problems

By | January 17, 2017

treating dog's ear problem

The dog’s ears are the most fascinating things in their anatomy. They are attuned to everything around them. These ears can also harbor bacteria and other organisms that can be painful and aggravating.

Some of the prominent signs of ear problems in dogs include:

  • Smelly odor
  • Trapped moisture resulting in yeast colonies
  • Wax build-up
  • Dirt and grime buildup inside the ear flap
  • Irritation

These are just early symptoms. The most prominent reaction of dog owners when they see these signs in their dogs is to go straight to the veterinarian. The veterinarian would suggest drops, antibiotics and/or steroids to relieve the pet. But it can even be due to a deeper systematic imbalance. If that is the case the signs may become chronic that keep repeating.

Let us now look at some of the simple ways to relieve your doggy from ear problems:

Ways To Relieve Dog From Ear Problems

Scrutinize Your Dog’s Diet

It has been researched and found that dogs do not require carbs in their diet. But still there are certain commercial kibbles that contain a high proportion of carbohydrates. In case, your pooch is prone to yeast overgrowth it can propel the problem into overdrive. You can try for grain-free whole-food based brands or a reputable raw brand.

Examine Their Environment

There are times when the dog’s body can react to an environmental overload of toxins. So, in case the skin of the furry pal’s ears is looking angry-looking, you need to look for the detergents, household cleaners, and sprays that you use. Then look at the number of vaccinations given to your pup in the last few months. You can even switch product brands and investigate three-year vaccines to reduce the overload.

Try Natural Enzymes

If your pet is suffering from itchy or aromatic ears then you can go for an antibiotic free solution that has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effect.

Cleanse The Ears Of The Dog Gently

Try dampening a small piece of gauze that can ease the chronic ear discomfort. Each day dampen a small piece of gauze with Witch Hazel and smoothly swab the inner-ear rim area. Then integrate a drop of pure safflower or grapeseed oil to the edge of the ear canal. Gently rub to distribute the drops.

Soothe Irritation

Visit your veterinarian to rule out a bacterial infection. If itchiness is the problem, you can use an antiseptic ear drops along with two drops of tea tree oil. Employ clean gauze and clean the inner ears once or twice everyday.