5 Ways to Calm Down A Young Dog

By | November 19, 2018

Young dogs exuberate tons of energy. They are always frivolous and elated and this vibrancy never seems to die out no matter what you do. These furry bundles of joy can even get up in the middle of the night and indulge in some mischief. However, sometimes, this attitude can be overwhelming to pet owners and may even land them in serious trouble. So, if you too have such a high spirited dog who doesn’t settle down easily, here are some tips that will help you tackle his over-the-top liveliness.

Tips To Calm An Over-Enthusiastic Young Dog

Brisk Walk Your Dog

Dogs are hyper when they don’t get to vent out their energy. On top of that, if they are young, they are more vivacious and robust, ready to conquer whatever comes their way. When this excess energy doesn’t get consumed properly, it counteracts as anxiety and restlessness. Therefore, make sure you take your young dog for a brisk walk regularly to tone down his spirits. Brisk walking will also give him a good exercise thereby keeping him fit and healthy.

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Train Him to Be Obedient

Obedience training is very much important to calm down the young nerves. It will teach them to stay patient and disciplined. Therefore, teach him commands like – ‘sit’, ‘leave’, ‘fetch’, ‘stay’. These commands can be very helpful in making him learn etiquettes. But, remember to reward him so he can associate good behavior with treats.

Play With Him As Much As You Can

Whether you like to play chase, fetch or Frisbee, just be on your toes around him. The more he plays, the more he will burn that extra energy. Let him run in the yard freely. But, amidst all these activities, do not forget to interact with him. Interaction during playtime helps in the mental development of the pup and brings emotional stability.

Enroll Him into Aromatherapy  

It is one of the most proven methods of calming a super-energetic dog. In these sessions, a dog is treated with essential oils like lavender and chamomile that give a calming effect to his mind and makes him subtle. So, if your young dog is one of the anxious kinds, give him some aromatherapy.

Use Thundershirt and Diffusers

Thundershirt is specifically developed for anxious dogs that cannot sit still even for a second. It is kind of a shirt, a gadget that when worn by the dog, he can calm down within an hour or so. Thundershirt contains chemicals and oils that diffuse into the skin and provide a relaxing effect which eventually settles the pooch down. Another, great and a very handy product is – diffuser.

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Diffuser again contains essential oils which gradually suffuse in the air and relax the pet’s mind. Keep the pet in a quiet room, switch the diffuser on and wait for the results.

Young dogs are naive and they are completely dependent on us for their care and upbringing. Thus, to raise calm, mannered and an obedient dog which doesn’t go berserk every other moment, he must be trained in that way. Therefore, you must spend a lot of time with your dog when he is still young because early years are the ones when dogs are highly active and their minds are acceptable to learning things exactly as they are taught.  Anxiety and over-excitement are common in young dogs but it needs to be aligned in the right direction which is possible only when you put efforts to nurture him well. Try these tips and you definitely will!