Is Your Dog Suffering From Tear Stains? Find Out The Causes and Remedies For It

By | November 26, 2018

If you have a white colored dog then you know how frustrating it is when they get the tear stains. The dark red or brown colored stains beneath their eyelids can make their pristine fur look ugly and displeasing. Tear stains are usually not dangerous or painful but they need to be taken care of in order to maintain proper hygiene. Good care will go a long way in preventing tear stains from occurring in your pooch in the near future.

What causes tear stains in dogs?

Tear stains are caused due to a condition called Epiphora which means excessive tear production. There are numerous reasons that could lead to tearing staining in your fuzzy friend.

Here is a list of some of the common tear stain causes:

  • Porphyrin – In dogs, a pigment known as Porphyrin is primarily excreted through tears, saliva, and urine as well. They all contain substances known as Porphyrin which causes the stains in your pooch.
  • Inverted eyelids – This condition is known as entropion and can lead to extreme tearing or drainage holes for tears in your pet.
  • Genetics – Generally smaller or light colored dogs are at a higher risk of acquiring tear stains.
  • Hair growth near the eyes – Some dog breeds develops massive hair growth near their eyes and this can lead to tear stains.
  • Infection or Scars – A skin infection or scar around the eyes can cause symptoms which may resemble tear stains. If the stain is brown in color then it is more likely to be caused by yeast instead of bacteria.
  • Eye socket – Certain dogs have eye sockets that are shallow. If the sockets are not deep enough then it may find it hard to prevent tears from spilling onto the fur and areas near the eyes.
  • Abnormal eyelashes – Some dogs may have abnormal or ingrown eyelashes that rub onto the skin and cause discomforts due to entropion (inverted eyelashes). This can cause the eyelids to produce more tears than normal.

What are the remedies for preventing or treating tear stains in dogs?

There are a number of remedies one can opt for preventing or treating tear stains. Here are a few common ways that might help you in preventing or treating tear stains in your Fido.

Ways to Prevent Tear Stains

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  • Groom your dog on a regular basis. Ensure that the hair near the eyes is trimmed well.
  • Examine the food you give your dog. Good quality food will help to prevent allergies and also keep your pet healthy.
  • Make sure the drinking water you give your pet is fresh and clean. Distilled, purified or reverse-osmosis water sources are highly recommended.
  • Ensure that your pooch’s toys and bedding are cleaned from time to time.
  • Adding food additives to your furry pal’s meals can help prevent stains and other problems. There are many food additives available and it may take you a little bit of experiencing to get to the correct food additive, so be patient.

Ways to Treat Tear Stains

  • Adding a teaspoon of white vinegar to your dog’s water will increase the acidity of your furry pet’s body pH.
  • Apply a solution of Hydrogen peroxide by simply dipping a piece of cotton in the solution and gently dabbing the stained areas.
  • Herbal stain removers can be used to treat tear stains as well.

When your pooch gets the tear stains, it is highly recommended that you visit a trusted vet in the first place. The vet will help you in detecting whether your furry pal has an eye infection or disease. In case no vet is available or if you believe it is an emergency, then you may opt for any of the above-mentioned points. Stay safe and keep your pet safe too.