A Guide to Celebrate Christmas in A Pet-friendly Way

By | December 11, 2023
Pet-Friendly Christmas

It’s Christmas time and you are all set to celebrate the festival with family and friends. But, what about your pet? What is an occasion of joy and celebration for us can be a stressful event for our four-legged friends. While you plan to spend the holidays with your loved ones eating scrumptious food and shouting with delight at the top of your voice, do not forget to make the celebration safe for your furry family member.

Here is a complete guide to help you keep your pet happy and safe during Christmas celebrations:-

Be careful with the Christmas tree & the decorations

Make the decorations pet-safe. Tie the Christmas tree or anchor it properly so that your pet cannot topple it over and do not injure themselves accidentally. The glass baubles can grab your naughty furry pal’s attention and they can attempt to snatch it thinking it is a ‘fetch’, the light strands can give them an electric shock, and the chocolate baubles can tempt them to grab and feast on them. To avoid such accidents, keep decoration restricted to the top half of the tree. You can also place the Christmas tree on an elevated platform to keep it out of your pet’s reach.

Do not serve harmful food

Chocolates, candy, and all other sweet and sugary treats are a big no-no for your pet. Similarly, table scraps like leftover chicken bones can choke them. Some of the other foods that can be poisonous for your furball are onions, garlic, and raisins. Make sure you do not feed anything to your pet that contains these toxic ingredients.

Avoid overfeeding

Your furry pal would be demanding the plum cakes, cookies, and other sweets that are baked in the house. But, they are harmful to pets. If you feed them some pet-friendly human treats or pet treats, make sure you do not cross the 10% treat limit. The treats should not consist of more than 10% of your pet’s daily food intake. However, it is best to avoid overfeeding to keep your pet in good health.

Keep the toxic plants away

Some of the plants may add to the beauty of the Christmas decorations but can be poisonous for your furry buddy if ingested accidentally. To pet-proof your house; make sure you do not bring plants like poinsettia, mistletoe, holly, and ivy for decoration.

Give your pet space

Loud noises of firecrackers, a house full of unfamiliar people, and the festive chaos can be stressful for your pet. They may either respond with aggressive or destructive behavior or would get silent and depressed. Along with taking care of the comforts of your guests, you need to give your furry friends a quiet space of their own where they can hide and rest. Make sure enough water and food is always available to them.

Be prepared for the weather

The chilly weather can make even your furry companion cold. It is not a good idea to let your pet wander outside the house unattended. Keep your pets covered with sweaters or jackets and booties whenever you take them out for a walk or for that little cute snow fight.

Maintain routine

Sure you have guests to attend, it’s Christmas! But, your furball also needs attention. To help them manage their stress and to keep them healthy, maintain their routine as far as possible. Keep the daily walks and meal timings unchanged, this can keep them calm and relaxed. Spend quality time with your furry bundle of joy as they enjoy your company the most.

Keep it clean

Your mischievous pet would love to feast on the leftover delicacies, but this can be poisonous for them. Chewing of the gift wrappers or ribbons can choke them. The shards of broken decorative baubles can injure their paws. To avoid such incidents and to keep your pet safe, clean the house thoroughly after the get-together. Also, keep the trash cans covered to stop your pets from toppling them over out of excitement to find something in them.


Christmas is the time to celebrate and spend time with your loved ones. But in all the joy and excitement, do not forget to take care of your furry companions. Make pet-friendly festive arrangements to keep them away from any danger. Spend a good time with your pet and make these holidays stress-free, exciting, and special for them too.