Celebrate Veterans Day With Service Dogs

By | November 8, 2016

celebrate veterans day

Veteran’s Day is an important day that celebrates the service of the U.S. Military that has served the country. But the contribution of service dogs in wars cannot be undermined. These dogs do everything from sniffing out bombs to aiding veterans with post-traumatic disorder. It then becomes our duty to pay homage to all these veterans on this day for their service to our country whether they are on two legs or four.

Our military has used dogs, mostly in major wars encompassing World War II, the Vietnam War, and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. These dogs have even be used as messengers, trackers of enemy soldiers and unit mascots. Recently, drug and bomb-sniffing dogs have become a vital part of our military apart from the military dogs.

It has been researched and found out that petting and playing with animals can greatly reduce stress and depression. Veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or PSTD, are often paired with service dogs or therapy dogs. When soldiers come back home after long and hard military life, they need someone to readjust to civilian life. This is where having a furry companion can make the transition a little easier.

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