Making This Thanksgiving Day Special For Your Pet

By | November 18, 2016
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Thanksgiving Day is just round the corner. It is during this occasion that families come together and have a gala time by having a grand feast. The day can be very busy especially when you have a big family get together. But during this hectic schedule, do not ever forget about your furry pals.

If you have invited lots of guests then you might be tempted to keep your pet in a separate room. While it is okay to do for a short period of time so that everyone gets settled down in the new environment. Never leave him isolated for the entire day. Remember, even pets deserve to have a great day on this festive occasion.

Let us look at some of the things that you can do to make this thanksgiving day special for your furry pals:

Celebrating Thanksgiving With Your Pet

1. Introductions Of Pets With The Family

If your pet is going to meet your family members for the very first time it is important to ensure that he is introduced to the family members in the right way. Not everyone knows how to approach a pet that they have never met. Hence, depending on your furry pal’s age and personality, teach your guests the best way to approach them. Children can create great havoc by being overly excited and possibly aggressive towards the pet or they can also be fearful. So, be prepared to put everyone at ease, including your pet to have a happy and gala time during this festive occasion.

2. Palatable Treats For Furry Pal

Thanksgiving Day cannot be complete without food and so it is also known as Turkey Day. Educate your extended family with the food that can be harmful for your pet. But do not forget to tell them to give healthy pet treats or bits of kibbles for your furry companion. Never allow the pet to get on the dining table. Also ask them to spend quality time with the pet by taking him for a walk, play with him or take pet photographs.

3. After Dinner Traditions

What is your family’s favorite after dinner tradition? It can be viewing a football match on television or a Christmas Classic like It’s a Wonderful life. Ensure that your furry companion has been tucked in properly ready for a nap. In case he is not feeling sleepy, give him some favorite toy that will make him feel busy. Keep him busy with the aid of an interactive toy or a dental chew.

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