“Doggy Smell”- Ways to Deal with Pet Odor

By | April 28, 2015

There is no other mood lifter better than a cuddle with your loving pooch. Isn’t it? But, the “doggy” smell can ruin that moment of love between you and your canine. It is quoted as “doggy” smell because the certain odor that a dog carries is natural and mostly found in all pooches. Though, sometimes it can turn foul and this can be completely a repelling property. It can be a lot more hygienic and comfortable if your pet smells great and is actually clean when you cuddle with him. Pet parents are usually looking for solutions to diminish the pet odor.


So, let’s have a look at some ways to deal with pet odor!

  • Food- The most important contributor

Whenever the pets have a foul odor, pet parents think deodorant is the solution. But, deodorants just cover up the odor instead of removing it. The main thing that affects the body odor of dogs is the kind of food that they have. The dog foods labeled as “healthy” and “natural” are everything other than that. Veterinarians of older times suggested raw food for dogs. They justified that if they wouldn’t have been petted, then who would have cooked for dogs? Eating raw is natural for them and analysis have shown that a dog put on raw food exerts no foul odor compared to a dog eating canned food. So, to control the doggy smell, put your pets on raw food or dry kibble. Canned food is a big “no-no” for canine’s health, so try to avoid it for his best.

  • Regular Bathing- Proper grooming can always help

Some pets may just need a good wash to shoo away the bad odor off the body. If your poodle has intolerant smell use the following recipe to prepare a solution that may remove the bad smell completely:

  • One quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • One-quarter cup baking soda (not powder)
  • One teaspoon liquid dish or hand soap
  • Mix this solution in a bucket and sponge it over your dog, nose to tail. Work it into her fur and rinse well.

Apart from bathing, comb your canine’s hair regularly. It is recommended to trim the hair around muzzle if your pooch has a long hair. It is also advisable to remove the hair around the anus as matted hair can produce a foul smell.

  • Say NO to extra medical ailments

It has been observed by the vets that dogs on unnecessary allopathic treatments are found to have bad odor when compared to the pets that are completely cut from these treatments. If your pooch needs any medical ailment, try for homeopathy to avoid “doggy” smell from his body.

“Doggy” smell can be easily dealt with conventional ways like providing home-made food or avoiding today’s treatments for dogs. The inner health issues can also be the reason for foul smell in dogs. So, to remove this odor from the roots trying these ways rather than covering it up with deodorants can be a better option.

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