5 Heroic Sagas of Furry little Cats!

By | April 21, 2015

“A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown.”
~ Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks, an Oscar winning artist has rightly said that a hero is the one who has no fear of the unknown and jumps in without thinking about their own safety. When it comes to heroism, it is not limited to human beings. Pets, who are just supposed to share our lives with love have shown their bravery to the world hundreds of times. Dogs have always been in the spotlight for their heroism. But it seems that the bravery stories of dogs have overshadowed the ones of the cats. Yes! There are a number of cats that have proven themselves to be equally loyal as dogs and have heroically helped their masters or all those who needed them.


Let’s know some of the spicy heroic sagas of cats that will blow off your minds!

  1. Masha

This is the most recent incident happened in the streets of Russia. Chris Perez has done an article on the heroism of Masha in New York Post in January 2015. Masha is a communal cat who is looked after by the local residents. She saved a baby boy that was abandoned in the streets of Russia. When Masha saw that boy in a box, she immediately stepped in the box and provided the needed warmth to the baby. This cat meowed and did her best to get the attention of the passers. With her meowing, one of the residents thought that she got injured and came to take a look on her. The sight of Masha beside the baby took her by surprise and the baby was then rushed to the vet’s office immediately. The mother instincts of Masha saved the abandoned baby, who could have died of cold if this brave cat wouldn’t have saved her.

  1. Rusty

Claire Nelson of Pennsylvania adopted Rusty before 2 years of this incident. One day in June 2011, Nelson wanted to lie down for a while as she was not well. Rusty kept bothering her, which was totally unlike him. Being fed up with the poking, Nelson then decided to go to the vet’s office. As soon as she reached the bus-stop, her health degraded and called 911. When she was examined by the vet, they said that she had a heart attack and needed a surgery for stent implantation. Two stents were implanted and Nelson was saved by her cat. Rusty was his normal self after her return and never left her side till she felt better.

  1. Pwiditat

You all must be familiar with seeing-eye dogs. Here, you will find an example of a dog guarded by a seeing-eye cat. Judy Godfrey Brown owned a dog named Terfel and they lived in Wales. Terfel‘s eyes blurred with cataract and eventually he lost his eyes to old age. But, when Goldfrey invited a stray cat to her home, it turned out that Terfel got his eyes back. This cat, Pwiditat, guided Terfel through the house and garden with her paws and both of them came so close that they even slept together. Pwiditat was a blessing for Terfel and Goldfrey, as she helped this pooch in his hard times.

  1. Schnautzie

This cat proved that age is nothing but “mind over matter” kind of dimension. Schnautzie did a huge thing when she was just a kitten. This is an incident of October 2007. On a cold night at 2:00 a.m. Schnautzie hopped up to the chest of her master, Trudy Guy and began tapping her. Guy thought it as a cute gesture and slept off ignoring it. But Schnautzie didn’t drop it and continued to tap on her nose. Seeing her sniffing the air, Trudy sensed something fishy and woke up her husband. They both heard a hissing noise and found out that the gas line was broken and their basement was on fumes. If Schnautzie wouldn’t have alarmed her parents, Guy couple would have lost their lives.

  1. Smudge

Ethan, a five year old was playing in his front yard when he got bullied by other three kids. When one of the bullies pushed Ethan, that’s when Smudge, the hero entered. Smudge jumped over that bully and made him cry. Even after that he chased the guys till they disappeared out of the sight. This way, Smudge stood by his friend Ethan and showed his heroic spirit.

So, aren’t cats as brave and loyal as dogs? These balls of fur have stayed through thick and thin of their loved ones or strangers, like in the case of Masha. These instances provoke a thought of adopting a kitty. Isn’t it? Consider adopting one and you may never know, one day your cat could make it to the list of heroic cats that would make you proud.