Emotional Support Animals – How They Are Changing Lives of American People

By | December 8, 2020

The furry companions are always regarded as best friends and are the epitome of giving love and happiness. They are well known for taking away your worries and stress once you return home after a tiring day. No matter, how good or bad your day has gone, once with your furry friend you experience the joy and an unconditional love they shower. Whether your companion is a dog, cat or a parakeet, they are the perfect friend who bestows positive effect on the human health in regards to stress, anxiety, blood pressure, heart conditions, or mood swirls. Especially, most often dogs are considered as the Emotional Support Animals seen by all from health care centers, on public places, in parks, in airplanes or even in hospitals. Moreover, the role and benefits of these ESA (Emotional Support Animals) are endless throughout the day.

Many people are oblivion to the fact that their furry friends are also emotional support animals who are always there to provide companionship during tough times. Moreover, many people still have that general norm that whether pet animals, service animals, or therapy animals, they all are the same. However, the reality is they are actually all different. From their privileged rights under the law to the service and support they are entitled to are defined distinctively and have varied benefits according to the places.

Knowing the differences, let us find here how beneficial are the emotional support animals that are the lovable companions to the society overall.

Benefits of Emotional Support Animals

  • Bring positivity to the life of patients
  • Offer companionship for people who often feel isolated
  • Provide incredible positive impact for people who suffer from mental illness
  • Have a calming effect for people who struggle to manage anxiety
  • Help to nullify the negative mood states in their owners
  • Support to build social network
  • Help individuals with PTSD to decrease their agitation
  • Offer sense of security and protection
  • Highly beneficial for health professionals in dealing with their patients
  • Bring joy, meaning and liveliness in the families
  • Bring happiness and friendship in lives
  • Promote health and wellness
  • Help in managing stress in today’s unprecedented times

In a nutshell, your furry friend is not just an emotional support animal but also your real companion who always stands by you. Enjoying the love and happiness showered by them, let’s hope for a better future amidst this Pandemic.