How To Actually Use Flea And Tick Products In Right Manner

By | December 28, 2021
How To Actually Use Flea And Tick Products Rightly

Preventing your dog from fleas and ticks is important. To keep its life smooth in working and comfortable – away from the threats of being sick, infected, and affected. These preventives to protect are made with utmost care considering the entire pros and cons to the pet and explaining the dos and don’ts to the applier. You always have to be a step ahead of these blood-sucking parasites when it comes to protecting your pet well.

How To Choose Flea And Tick Preventive? 

The first step is always to choose the right product that suits the requirement of your pet and that is needed according to your climate conditions. Various parasites attack more due to a particular season and as per your nearby surroundings, for example, a forest area near or a river with woods could be a major concern.

There Are 3 Types Of Flea And Tick Preventive To Choose From – Collars, Chews And Spot-On.

Collars: This is a protective band that is tied around the neck of your pet. It has various infused chemicals that keeps all fleas and ticks away. Your pet can always roam anywhere without fear.

Chews: This oral method of prevention acts into the blood of pet. The active ingredient gets mixed with blood and works against them to not let harm any pet. The best part of chews are you can always mix them with the favourite food of your pet and keep him protected without allowing him to know that he has been give a good product to be safe.

Spot-on: This is another commonly used method. This spot on is rubbed on various places like neck, tail, between the shoulder plates all the common attracting flea and tick places. To protect them from deadly behaviors of fleas and ticks. The best is they are water proof and your pet can easily bath, swim, go out in woods and rivers without being afraid of any fleas and ticks.

Take a proper look at your dog’s breed, its weight, and its age. There is a different quantity of dosages available as per the differences in weight. Be extra cautious if your dog is very young, senior, sick, and pregnant or if lactating. These are the most common time period where hormones are most active and change at a great pace.

How To Actually Use Flea and Tick Products In Right Manner?

How To Put Collar Preventive?

All you need to do is take the collar from the packet and tie it around your pet’s neck.

How To Give Chews Preventive?

These eatable chews in the form of preventive are the easiest to give by mixing it in the food or if your pet can directly take it. But, make sure you never choose the wrong pack for your pet. Different breeds have different pack size with same ingredient content but different active content quantities for different breeds. So choose carefully.

How To Apply Spot-On Preventive?

  • Read all the directions on the pack carefully and precisely to apply everything as directed. 
  • Do not apply anything more than required.
  • Do not combine any two products at a single time.
  • Once applied the product do not use any other flea and tick prevention before its due date.
  • Do not constantly change the brand of preventive. Once you finalized the product and have seen the results then stick to it. Change over time for betterment is always a plus and recommended. 
  • Do not mismatch the products for different pets. If the product is for dogs strictly keep it to dogs and do not try to use it on cats. 
  • Always keep your gloves on while administrating spot-on to prevent your skin from allergies or reactions
  • If you have various pets in your house always keep the preventives away from all of them to protect them from any mishappenings.

Observe Them Carefully

Once your pet is administrated with a preventive; thus, your actual role starts. You have to keenly observe its effects on your pet. One normal behavior that you would observe in your pet is scratching. Some sensitive dogs might feel lazy, dizzy, less interested to eat; may have diarrhea but all this for once at maximum of one day. If you see anything of this constant and at a greater pace then you must visit the veterinarian at the earliest and explain about each and everything from the time of administration, before it and after as well.

At the end, it’s the choice of your pet’s preference as how much he is comfortable with the kind of preventive. For a foodie pet you can always opt for chews while mixing with food. For a pet with more fussy behavior and strong skin without getting any allergies can opt for a spot-on. And a pet with sensitive skin and always chaotic towards food can be protected with a collar.