Human Foods That Affects Dog’s Health Adversely

By | June 27, 2014

Human Foods to Avoid Feeding Your DogWithout an iota of doubt, we can say that dogs are the most adorable pets of all times. Their puppy eyes, wagging tails, drooling mouth and endless hugs give us an emotional upsurge. In return, we shower them with cuddles and treats. As we share our lives with our pet, we often like to share our food with them. At times, we give them our favorite food without knowing that these super delicious treats may prove hazardous for them.

Some of the human foods that affect dog’s health adversely are

Coffee, Tea, chocolates and caffeine products: Starting with your morning cup of tea or coffee, you are tempted to share food and drinks with your pooch. Well, please stop right there as caffeine present in tea, coffee and chocolates are poisonous for the pets. There is no antidote to the toxicity created by large quantities of caffeine. Due to overdose of caffeine, your pet may suffer from breathing problems, tremors, muscle spasms, palpitations and restlessness. So, keep tea, coffee, chocolates and other caffeine products far away from your pet.

Eggs and onions: If you want to keep your dog disease free then avoid giving him raw eggs and onions. Most of the time these things are a part of our breakfast and habitually we feed table scraps to that cutie standing near us with his wagging tail. Raw eggs cause skin and coat problems to the dog as it reduces the absorption of vitamin B. Onion in any form (raw or cooked) is dangerous for the pet. It causes anemia, liver damage, diarrhea, vomiting and breathing problems.

Grapes and raisins: Few of these are enough to make your furry pal sick. Frequent vomiting is the starting symptom. These foods damage the dog’s kidneys. The pet gets debilitated and depressed due to constant throwing up. Prevention is the best alternative. Just keep these products away from your pet and avoid any kind of short-term and long-term damage.

Fish, raw meat, bones: Uncooked fish and meat contains the bacteria E. Coli which, is a common cause of food poisoning in dogs. Fish disease caused by a parasite present in the fish can prove fatal within just two weeks of fish intake. Raw bones may result in choking and damage the pet’s throat. If you want to give meat and fish, make sure you cook it well enough to kill the parasites that are hazardous for the pet.

Peaches, plums, avocados: The seeds and pits of peaches and plums are the source of cyanide, one of the most poisonous substances for humans as well as dogs. Every part of avocado is venomous for the pet. Vomiting and diarrhea are the common symptoms suggesting the harmfulness of these foods. These very beneficial foods will not benefit your pet at all. So, say no to the urge of sharing those highly nutritious human foods with your pet.

Sugar and salt: Excess sugar makes your pet obese. If not controlled, then it results in diabetes leaving the pet susceptible to many other health problems. Excess salt is highly dangerous for dogs. It causes sodium ion poisoning. Excessive thirst plus urination is the result of extra salt in the pet’s food. Fever, diarrhea, vomiting, tremors, depression, seizures are some of the indications hinting that salt is actual culprit.

Therefore, monitoring the pet’s food is the first step towards his complete health and wellbeing. Ask a veterinarian about the food items that are suitable for your pet and stop giving them the harmful ones. This will keep many dog health problems at bay. It will increase your pet’s lifetime along with giving him a fit body. So, next time when you want to share your food with your pet, just watch out for the content and avoid all the unhealthy stuff.