Top Five Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Senior DOG

By | July 1, 2014

Why You Should Adopt a Senior DogAnimal shelter homes are full of older dogs, which are yearning for a sweet home. Adopting a senior dog would be like a cool breeze in the hot blazing sun for a pooch. Usually senior dogs in shelters are healthy and well trained but the reason why they are there varies. Some are left due to natural disaster; some owners may be moving out of the county or some may have become allergic to pets.

Well, when searching a shelter home to adopt a pet don’t ignore senior dogs as there are these top five reasons why you should bring home a senior dog.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Bring Home a Senior Dog

Easy to Train

Senior dogs are quick at learning and obey what you direct them to do. With age they develop good brain functionality, thus it is easy for you to train them what you want them to do accordingly. They are great at focusing on the task at hand, as they are quieter than younger dogs. Additionally living in the human society, senior canines can easily read and understand human behavior, and can judge what you are asking them to do.

They are not a 24/7 Hour Job

This is in your favor, as you don’t have to spend too much time behind them. Senior dogs need less attention and monitoring as compared to younger puppies. This gives you more freedom to enjoy your personal space. Moreover, you don’t have to slog too much behind them caring and nurturing.

They Settle Quickly

Older dogs are well aware of human behavior, and know how to go along with them. Therefore, they can easily go along with humans, and it takes too little time for them to adjust with the family.

You save a Life

Usually shelter homes are crowded, and senior dogs (normally any pooch over the age of 7 comes under this category) are not taken care of. They are ones to be euthanized first. Therefore, adopting a senior dog is a great idea and saving a life.

Senior Dogs become Companions Quicker

A senior dog is quick to accompany you wherever you want to him to come. Unlike young pooch, which require leash and other training, older dog is quick to be your friend and love to follow you on a walk. They easily learn the tricks and like to play with you. In no time, your new adopted doggie becomes your best companion.

It’s a great pleasure and a sense of duty to adopt an older pooch. If you have adopted a senior dog, do share with us how you are enjoying his companionship.