Oral Flea Treatments For Dogs – Merits And Concerns

By | January 20, 2015

Oral flea treatments for dogs

Topical flea treatments have been highly popular for keeping the pet fit and fine. The flea control market is flooded with spot-on treatments, shampoos, collars and sprays. However, the pet care world is gradually shifting towards oral flea treatments for dogs and cats. Pet parents are increasingly using tablets, chews and suspensions for their pets. The ease of administration makes oral parasiticides a highly popular option for treating our furry friends.

Ease of use and management is responsible for the massive popularity of oral flea treatments. These treatments seem beneficial as they rule out many issues that crop up with topical flea solutions. Moreover, topical treatments are difficult to handle. Their toxicity may damage the pet even if a portion of the treatment gets into the pet’s eyes or mouth. Oral treatments are advantageous when compared to oral solutions. They facilitate pet parents in a number of ways.

Merits of oral flea treatments for dogs:
Easy of administration: Oral pet treatments are available in tablet, chew and suspension forms. These treatments are easy to administer when compared to topical solutions. Most of the chews are flavored with beef, chicken or pork taste. Pets just love the taste and take it as a treat. Pet parents can also trick the pet by hiding tablet or chew in peanut butter or cheese and then give it to the pet.

No chances of residue, staining: Spot-on treatments may put you in a big trouble by staining the pet’s bed and even discoloring his fur. They may also cause allergies if the pet licks the application site. The residue may cause temporary itching on the pet’s skin. You do not have to worry about all this once you toss an oral tablet in your pet’s mouth.

Groom Fido at any time: With spot-on treatments and sprays, you are restricted to keep the pet away from you until the topical solution has completely dried. It happens so with all spot-on and external treatments. It is also a big punishment for the poor pet to stay away from the family. With chews and tablets, your pup can immediately play with children or other pets.

Mess free treatment: With oral treatments, you don’t need to deal with the foul smell, crusty coat or discoloration of the pet’s fur. Your pup is saved from topical problems associated with spot-ons and sprays. Oral treatments save the pet from irritation, inflammation and skin damage of any kind. Again, you do not have to deal with cleaning stains from the carpet, as oral remedies are completely mess free.

Concerns with oral treatments for pets:
Pet may give you a tough time: Now that we know the major benefits of pills and tablets, we must also have a clue about the other side. If the pet does not like the taste then he may not ingest the tablet. Your pup or pussy may give you a tough time if he does not like tablets. In such cases, you need use tricks to give him pills. Hiding it inside a cheese cube or giving it with peanut butter will serve the purpose.

To conclude, oral pet care supplies are an easier option compared to other topical forms. They have numerous advantages over other forms of pet treatment. They are becoming highly popular for the quick results and ease of management. If you have not tried any of these treatments then try one!