Revolution Plus Or Advantage Multi Which Is Better?

By | October 5, 2021

“All of us talk to animals, but not all of us listen to them”

Animals are the most sober yet the most notorious beings on the planet, and it completely depends on how you treat them and how well you understand them. While pet animals are as equal as Humans and understating them is really important. They are as fragile as human body and as loveable as the human baby.

Just the way humans are easily prone to viral fever, cough and cold. Pets like cats are easily affected by ticks, fleas, chewing lice and various other parasites.

There are various brands available and various products to protect against tick and flea but Revolution Plus and Advantage Multi are the best to choose from.

Revolution Plus

This is 6-in-1 pet protection for your cats. It’s one dose is enough to prevent your pet from fleas, ticks, hookworms, roundworms, heartworms and even ear mites.

This is all time veterinarian’s first choice when it comes to protect your cat on regular basis from the threats that they bring by going out on a casual walk. It recommended to your cat even if she stays indoors. Because they attract parasites and creatures though open windows, clothes, and shoes.

It prevents your cats from weight loss, intense itching, vomiting, uncomfortable skin irritations, potbellied appearance, hair changes, allergies due to fleas, and red itchy painful ears. You can start giving this to your pet and kittens as old as 8 weeks.

This is a monthly treatment and should be given each and every month without fail, because this is so effective and a perfect shield from all the commonly attacking parasites and different creatures as well.

Direction to use:

  1. Press the cap of the small bottle downwards to open the seal.
  2. Open the cap.
  3. Empty the bottle on the back of cat’s neck.

Your pet is ready with protection and it will start it’s impact within 5 hours. You don’t need to make any distance with your pet. Carry out all the common activities like a regular day.


> Do not apply on wet haircoat.

> Do not massage on the skin after applying.

>Avoid direct contact with your skin.

>Do not apply if the skin is ruptured or broken.

The Battle Royale: Nexgard VS Revolution

Advantage Multi

This is a complete monthly treatment to give to your pet. It protects your cat against fleas, hookworms, roundworms, heartworms and even ear mites. It is a topical treatment to be given each month to keep your pet happy and healthy; away from all the threats of parasites and creatures. It is recommended by the veterinarians and used by 2 out of 5 cat pet owners. You can use this on the cat’s of age 9 weeks and above.

Direction to use:

  1. Open the tube by pressing in downward direction to break the seal.
  2. Part the hair of the neck area to see your cat’s skin properly.

Apply the medication on your cat’s skin in upward direction towards head


> Keep children away for 30 minutes after application.
>Do not let cat lick any of it’s ingredients.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of care”

You can opt for any of these treatments because both are Vet approved and trusted by ¾ populations of cat pet owners.

The only difference they both have is mentioned below:

PropertiesRevolution PlusAdvantage Multi
Kills Flea Eggs and LarvaeYesNo
Kills TicksAmerican TicksNo
Other ParasitesEar mites and sarcoptic mangeEar mites,  whipworms, and hookworms
When it starts to actBegins to kill fleas within 12 hoursBegins to kill fleas within 12 hours
Active IngredientSelamectinImidacloprid and Moxidectin
AgeDogs 8 weeks and olderDogs 9 weeks and older that weight at least 3 pounds
ManufacturerZoetisBayer Animal Health
SafetyBreeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs may use.Talk to your vet about risks associated with breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs