Signs and Symptoms That Your Dog Has Heartworms

By | July 11, 2014

Signs and Symptoms of Heartworms in Dogs-BVC

Worried about what’s bothering your four-legged companion. Recently, if you have scored that your pet is coughing constantly, or showing spells of fainting, immediately talk to your vet. There are certain dog diseases that have common symptoms. Heartworm is one of them.

Heartworm is the most dangerous disease that canines face. The terrible microorganism called Dirofilaria immitis is the source for this disease. This parasitic roundworm proves to be deadly to unprotected dogs, and therefore, it becomes crucial for pet owners to be always on vigil to look for these worms through symptoms and diagnosis.

The seriousness of heartworm depends on the number of roundworms present in a canine’s body, the intensity of infection and the response of a dog. A pooch with fragile body or having weakened immune system is likely to be more prone to heartworm infection and suffer from severe conditions. On the contrary, a healthy dog can easily fight back the infection and can regain the composer soon from the disease.

Though most of the canines return to normal state fighting back heartworm infestation, few doggies are unable to regain health, and fall to difficult conditions. Most dogs that are exposed to parasite Dirofilaria immitis catch heartworm, so prevention is the best way to restrict it. The parasite that causes heartworm is now widely spread. Reckoned as endemic in tropical and subtropical zones of America, it is largely found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts and in river basins from the Ohio to the Mississippi. Pet owners in these areas need to be more alert and active in protecting their pooches. However, the organism exists worldwide, and so all the dog owners need to watch out for the symptoms and signs.

Warning signs that your pooch has heartworm infestation

  • Inactivity or lethargy
  • Coughing: starts with soft coughing in the initial stages and then leads to more severe dry coughing.
  • Weight loss or anorexia
  • Bulging chest
  • Allergic reaction
  • Frequent faints or collapses
  • Rapid or difficult breathing

Some of the other (rare) symptoms are

  • Nosebleeds
  • Lameness
  • Seizures
  • Excessive sleeping
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Blindness
  • Secondary pneumonia

These symptoms indicate heartworm infection and should not to be taken lightly. As a pet owner, you always know your furry friend well. Any slight changes in his body or behavior, you should visit your vet immediately. Through diagnosis, your vet can ascertain whether the signs are due to heartworm or any other serious disease.

Your vet can help you treat heartworm infection and help your four-legged companion recuperate successfully. Even though heartworm is a deadly disease, it can be treated effectively with all your love, care and proper heartworm medication. Being a responsible and alert pet parent, you can always protect your lovable companion from this disease, keeping them happy and healthy.

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