Simple Tricks to Stop Your Dog Jumping on Visitors

By | March 8, 2016

Dog jumping visitors

We all love to welcome our visitors and greet them with warmth but what would be the scene if they are greeted by your dog with muddy paws or licking the face. For some people especially for old and children, it is the scariest thing they face when they enter a house.

As your dog treats you when you enter the home, same way he may be excited to greet your guest by jumping on them or licking their face. But, here you need to keep a check on his behavior as it is not acceptable. It’s important to teach your dog proper manners as you don’t allow your children to behave as such then how come you let your furry friend to do the same.

It takes a lot of perseverance and patience to train your dog in greeting guests but its easy behavior to teach if your dog already listens to your ‘sit’ and ‘stand’ command.

To teach your dog not to jump on the guests or anything really, you need to reward him for the proper behavior you want by offering lucrative things like his favourite dog products as gesture of pleasure. Take for example, never greet or attend your dog until he keeps four paws on the ground or stays in a sit, whichever behavior you want.

Follow these steps to train your dog with good greeting behavior.

  • Leash your dog with a proper leash attached to collar
  • While you hold the leash, make your dog into a sit down next to you
  • Let your visitor approach your dog
  • Make sure that your visitor moves back away from your dog when he jumps breaking from his sit position. Since the dog is leashed, they should not follow the visitor – so no reward.

Repeat the sessions until your pooch learns to put all his paws on the ground before he is to be rewarded with a greeting.

When training your furry pal, you need to provide the training persistently and consistently. It is not a one day lesson to learn for a dog, so keep this into mind.

Moreover, the rule should apply to all the guests that means the interaction the dog has greeting the guests should follow the same steps for any outsider because setting differences the dog may be confused as what should be expected. If your dog is allowed to jump on some guests and restricted on the other, then it won’t work.

Some pet parents love to have their furry pals jump and give them a kiss, so they never think to train them not to jump. Dogs are also full of brains – they can understand the difference between what they are trained to do or not allowed to do something. As we can train our dogs to sit and follow our command, so we can train them to greet the guests.

Until they are invited for the kiss, your dog should sit on the ground – so don’t take this as an excuse in order not to keep your dog under control.