Step By Step Guide To Treat Dog Wounds At Home

By | May 24, 2017

Guide To Treat Dog Wounds At Home

If you have two dogs at home, or if you take your pooch to dog park, he may sometimes get injured by another dog during a spirited play session innocently. At this point of time, you should be ready to tackle and treat minor wounds of your dog at home? We are talking about the wounds like scraped knee, shallow cut or a bite wound. It is important to deal with the minor wounds as soon as possible before the infection sets in. So, to learn how to take care and treat the injury of your furry pal follow the below steps.

Guide To Treat Dog Wounds At Home

To treat the wound at home you will need things such as:

  • Dry cloth or paper towels
  • Water-based lubricant
  • Electric clipper
  • Warm water
  • Antiseptic cream (Dermaclens)
  • Bandage

During the procedure of treating the wound of your pooch, he may act aggressive and may bite you because of the pain. To protect your self from dog bite, use a muzzle if you have one or try to get someones help to hold the dog for you. After taking some precaution you get ahead with following steps to treat the wound of your furry companion.

Steps To Treat Dog Wounds At Home

  • Wear your gloves before starting to treat the wound.
  • Then put your pooch down on the table or get down on the ground.
  • If your dog is hairy and your finding difficulty to clean the injured area, then cover the wound and surrounding area with any other water-based lubricant. Remember no to use Vaseline.
  • After that you can take an electric clippers and shave of his hair surrounding his wound, but make sure you do it carefully.
  • Then wipe the area with clean, dry cloth or paper towel to take away the water-based lubricant and hair.
  • Now, take the warm water and wash the wound until all visible debris is gone, then pat dry the complete area of injury.
  • Apply a thin layer of an antiseptic cream and spread evenly on the infected area. For treating such wounds, Dermaclens is the best cream. It helps to kill all the bacteria and yeast which are most common in pets. This also acts like a protective barrier layer, promoting healing and regeneration of tissues.
  • Then bandage the wound neatly, so that your dog may not lick the antiseptic cream.
  • At least two times a day you need to clean away the debris, apply the antiseptic cream and bandage it until the skin is healed.
  • If you find that wound is getting worse at any time or fails to recover within a week, consult the vet.

Hope, now you will be able to tackle and treat the wound or any injury of your dog at home by yourself , after going through the above steps.