Things to Know About Canine Heartworm Disease

By | December 15, 2022

If you are a dog parent, you would probably come across the term heartworm disease. It is one serious illness that you don’t want your furry pal to get infected with. Yes, it can be fatal but it’s preventable and has also been proven to be treated if detected at an early stage. When it comes to heartworm diseases in the dog there are many misconceptions or not enough awareness of the treatment. With this blog we aim to educate dog parents about the deadly heartworm disease condition, how can it affects them, and also how to treat or prevent it. 

heartworm disease

Heartworms Disease Can be Spread in Apartment

A lot of people think that apartment dogs are not likely to get infected with heartworm diseases but that’s not true. Heartworm is caused due to mosquitoes and thus can be spread anywhere irrespective of the environment. 

Heartworm Test is Easily Tested in Dogs

Heartworm tests can be easily conducted on dogs. The test results are usually found within minutes if you test at home, while it can take a day or two if the test is sent out. Also, puppies below seven months do not need to be tested for heartworm yet they must be given preventive. A dog that gets bitten by heartworm infected mosquito, takes over seven months to get the disease. 

Humans Cannot Get Affected by Heartworm Disease

Heartworm is species-specific worms and is not spread to humans. Heartworms can transmit in dogs, cats and ferrets. Even when humans get bitten by heartworm infect mosquitoes the larvae will go to heart arteries and die out without turning into an adult worm.

Prevention is the Best Treatment for Heartworm Disease

Heartworm prevention is the most vital step for dogs. If you do not want your dog to experience the fatal condition, never underestimate the importance of giving heartworm prevention to your dog. Heartworm prevention comes in several kinds including chewable, spot-on solutions, and injectable. The treatment should be given to dogs above 8 weeks of age, all year around.

Monthly chewable and spot-on solution that is administered once every month is an optimal way to keep your pet heartworm protected. At Bestvetcare you will find the best heartworm prevention at the best price. Browse through the best brands at the best discounts. Heartworm prevention should also be given to dogs that took heartworm surgery to prevent future re occurrence. 

There are Four Stages of Heartworm Diseases

Heartworm larvae once ingested in a dog’s body take save years to reach the dog’s heart and turn into adult heartworm. Heartworm diseases can be classified into four stages. The severity of the condition is seen in a later stage. At an early stage of heartworm, symptoms are hardly detected. 

 Stage 1: No symptoms, rare cough

 Stage 2: Occasional cough, tiredness after some activity  

 Stage 3: Severe symptoms appear sick, consistent cough, trouble breathing

 Stage 4: Caval syndrome (Life-threatening), quick surgery required

Not all dogs with heartworm disease develop caval syndrome. However, if left untreated, heartworm disease will progress and damage the dog’s heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys(warning signs) ,eventually causing death. 

Heartworm Disease is Treatable

Yes, heartworm in dogs can indeed be treated. There are certain protocols for the treatment, including the preventive. An injective drug called doxycycline is given with melarsomine, an agent that kills adult heartworms. During treatment, dogs have to stay calm and be on restricted activity because as adult worms die off, an increased heart rate can cause complications. 

How Do I Treat My Pet if He’s Infected?

If your pet gets diagnosed with a heartworm condition, you need to take immediate action. Firstly there have to be taken more tests to fully confirm the disease, heartworm treatment is both risky and costly, and it includes complications and side effects. 
There will lot of restrictions to your dog post-surgery and treatment including reducing physical activities, oral treatments, lab tests, x-rays and more. Regular vet consultation will help you cope with the condition and take the right steps.


Seeing your dog experience heartworm condition is most unpleasant. Preventing heartworm disease in dogs is much easier than its treatment. Thus reach out to your vet for a suitable heartworm preventive for your pet. These preventive should be given all year round at specified intervals (mostly on monthly basis). At Bestvetcare you browse top brand of heartworm preventive like Heartgard plus, Simparica Trio, Nuheart, Advantage Multi, Nexgard Spectra, Comfortis Plus and more at a deal breaking price. Our aim is to provide pet parents the best of pet essential at most affordable price.