Weird And Crazy Things Every Dog Parent Has Done Secretly

By | August 27, 2020

We love our dogs so much that they form a part of our lives. In fact, they are like family and we build a strong connection with them. Besides all the care, there are weird and crazy things that every dog parent has done secretly.

Let’s look at them, one by one.

1. Calling your dog by his or her nickname more than their actual name itself.

2. Make up weird and crazy songs about your beloved dog.

3. Add their names into popular songs and sing them aloud.

4. Act as if you’ve fainted on the ground to see how they react to it.

5. Click weird pictures of your dog and upload them on social media.

8. Grab their paws and give it a nice lil shake.

9. Look at their face and wonder what they are thinking about.

10. Pondering about whether or not they like you or not.

11. Call out their name in several different tones to see how they react to them all.

12. Take a photo of them and then try to show it to them and see whether or not they stare at their own photo.

13. Make them stand in front of a mirror and tell them to bark at its reflection.

14. Hold their empty food bowl and act shocked when they are simply ravenous.

15. Remember your dog’s birthday and not your best friend’s one.

16. Keep flipping your dog’s ears back and forth and continuously rub your fingers on their smooth fur.

17. Giggle when you notice their ear is accidentally flipped and it makes them look silly.

18. Get upset when people come over to your home and your dog sits next to someone rather than next to you.

19. Point at the television and tell your buddy to watch some TV.

20. Utter the words “bless you” when you hear them sneeze.

21. If your dog falls asleep on your lap and you want to get up but you refrain from doing so because they are comfortable and you don’t want to disturb them so you sit quietly.

22. When you are away from your doggy, you ask someone to put your doggy on the line so you could tell him you love him and that you’ll see him soon.

23. Start petting them with your feet because you don’t want to get your hands full of dog hair.

24. Drop food accidentally on the floor and ponder whether you should clean it up or call your dog to get the job done.

25. Talk to them in a baby voice when no one’s around.

26. Put your hands on their belly to warm your hands.

27. Call him a baby no matter how old he gets. For you, he is still your lil baby.

28. Feel really happy when your buddy listens to your commands.

And that’s a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we have enjoyed writing this for you. Take care, and keep your furry munchkins safe and secure at all times.